Introducing Turtle Translations!

I’ve got work in about five minutes so I’ll keep this short, lawl.

I, the great and powerful Rebmastu, have launched a commission service where you can pay me to do whatever the hell kind of translation you want (mostly novels, but you know) via a service called Turtle Translations. This is my own solo venture, but because the aggregator services are being picky about recognizing it as an independent group, I’ll be cross-posting the stuff I do there here as well.

The first completed project is part one of Slayers Special: Wrongfully Accused, notable for being Wizer’s very first appearance in the Slayers Universe. If you’ve been keeping up with the ongoing fan translations of the main novel series, this is a must-read to get the full impact of volume 10!

Moving on, this was commissioned by a donor who wishes to remain anonymous. Now click the image below to get your read on!

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Longue vie Turtle Translations !


wait… who’s translating the novels??


You’ll be able to find volume 9 and 10, plus some of 11.

Actually, all of volume 11 has been translated and published already. :)