The end of the space age… OR IS IT?

Ladies(?) and gents, apologies for the long wait, but hopefully it’s worth it! (IT SURE AS HELL WAS FOR ME) We are proud to present the 20th and final chapter (HAHA, KIND OF BUT MORE ON THAT LATER) of Lost Universe!

Lost Universe, LOST 20: [THE END]
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This chapter! Edited and typeset by ZippyZippy! Scanned and QC’d by Melfra! And translated by yours truly! Special thanks to everyone on the staff who’s worked on the previous chapters, including c0de_da1sy, Kaori, AND OF COURSE, Tom the Mighty. It may have taken a while, but I loved the hell out of Lost Universe, and I’m sad to see it go. The anime might have been complete garbage, BUT THE MANGA WAS AWESOME. Wait, why am I using past-tense? There’s still another volume left!

THAT’S RIGHT LADIES AND GENTS, get ready for Lost Universe: Special! This is a standalone successor to the story, featuring a brand-spankin’-new villain and story. The art style’s a little different since it was published about three years after the manga, but it’s still buckets and buckets of fun. Stay tuned!


4 thoughts on “The end of the space age… OR IS IT?

  1. Mark says:

    Yay! THANK YOU! I’m so glad that I can read the whole series. I honestly didn’t believe that anyone would pick up such an old and obscure manga.

  2. Noctemleya says:

    I’m sad this is over already, but at the same time you gave us something to look forward to so it’s ok. :D
    Yay for Kanzaka’s works, double yay for TP, you guy are the best!

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