And you thought I meant an actual week!

You know, if there’s one thing I love doing, it’s letting people down. Think we’re not awesome? Oh. We’re amazing. See, I let people down by EXCEEDING THEIR EXPECTATIONS. After they get over the initial shock of, “Gee, whiz. =( I was wrong!” everybody’s like, “OH MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS I’M SO GLAD I WAS WRONG!”

The point I’m trying to make is, remember how I said we’d release the new chapter of Junketsu Kareshi in about a week? Try two days. DJ! LIGHT UP THAT SMOOTH JAZZ, ‘CAUSE IT’S ABOUT TO GET STEAMY IN HERE.

Junketsu+Kareshi Moonphase 15:
“A Kiss for the Poison Princess?

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This chapter marks the inaugural project from our funkiest, freshest editor, Egotist! I’m laying down the rhymes with my sweet-ass typesetting and translating! And Melly’s here to say “God damn Reb you’re an embarrassment to us all TONE IT THE HELL DOWN” when she’s not screaming “OH MY GOD I LOVE ISUKA” while she keeps it all in check with the QC. POW! READ IT! LOVE IT! AND SPARE OUR LIVES!

And there you have it! Two new chapters of Junketsu Kareshi in about three days! (Eh, semantics.)

And now for something completely different! There’s been some confusion as to what donations are actually used for and what kind of privileges they entail, so I’d like to take a moment to clear some things up. Hit it!

What Your Donation is Used For:

  1. Magazine Purchases – We keep tabs on current series by following them in the magazines they’re published in. This gives us access to promotional items and content not usually available outside of the magazines themselves, and we pass those extras on to you — for instance, if a certain chapter had a color page in the magazine it runs in, it almost NEVER shows up in the volume release unless it was the color page for the first chapter. Every color page you see in our releases after the first chapter of a volume are the ones that came in the magazines. Generally, this runs us a little over $100 a month, depending on how many subscriptions we have running at the time. (lately this number’s run closer to $50, due to being broke as shit.)
  2. Server costs – Run at about $100/month.
  3. Volume Purchases – The meat of it! We purchase the volumes soon after they come out in Japan, as long as we’re able. (Again, budget constrictions haven’t let us do this lately.) We translate from volumes ONLY for two important reasons:
    -First, the delicious HQ scans that you know and love!
    -Second, this allows me, as the translator, to be further ahead in the story than the scanlated chapters, which gives me more context in the story, and a good grasp of how I want to translate things later on. An example of this: In the chapters up through 13, there was a certain title I embarrassingly translated as, “The Imperial,” because there wasn’t enough context at the time to establish whether this was a single person, an organization, or something else.

    In actuality, certain characters had referred to Aki in a way that would have been better applied to “The Imperial,” who was introduced later in the story. Had I used the proper term in reference to Elder Tsubaki’in, it would have caused confusion with Aki’s title given elsewhere.

    The price of volumes varies from month to month, depending on the size of the order we put in and how many series we need to buy at once. Typically it amounts to about $15 per book.

What Your Donation is NOT Used For:

  1. Paying Staff – Scanlating has, and always will be, a series of fan-based projects. We’re not running a business, and people involved will not be monetarily compensated under any circumstances. SORRY GUYS BUT THEM’S THE BREAKS. Besides, we couldn’t really afford to pay anyone on about $5 every other month, lawl.
  2. Giving you authority over release dates/rates – Donations are awesome, don’t get me wrong. But please don’t expect us to drop everything and run to do the series you want us to just because you promise to give us money for doing it. Again, we are not in this for profit, and we can not be bought. Granted, if you say something in the comments field, “I love Barajou!” heck yeah, I’m going to feel more motivated to work on that! But not because you gave me money; it’s because you willingly gave something in return for a gift given with no expectation for compensation. Basically, it shows that you’re an awesome person, and I want to reward you for being fabulous. What we DON’T want you to do is throw us $10 and say, “Now I want your next release to be Mebius, or I will never give you anything ever again.” GOOD. GRAVY. NO. We will take it under consideration, but just because you gave us money does not mean we are on your payroll. We run ourselves. We love you guys, otherwise we wouldn’t be DOING this, but you don’t own us. Fair enough? Awesome.

    And I hope that clears some things up! Any more questions? Fire away! In the meantime, THANK YOU FOR BEING FABULOUS.



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