Say hello to everyone’s favorite (if not slightly psychotic) vampire (again)

You read that title right, ladies and gents! I’m pleased to announce that we have resumed work WITH A VENGEANCE on “Junketsu Kareshi!” Or “Pureblood Boyfriend” to those of you who prefer the translation, or even “He’s My Only Boyfriend” to the ones going by WHATEVER THE HELL that subtitle is supposed to mean.

We’d originally planned to release this in tandem with chapter 15, but hey, no point putting this one on the backburner while 15 and 16 are in QC at the moment (YES YOU HEARD ME), and this would be a fine reintroduction as any into the admittedly farked-up world of J+K.

Here’s where I go on and on about the boring parts — differences in versions! First off, the eye candy has been bumped up to a higher level than ever thought possible* by the new and improved volume release! We’ve got the cover and scads of new extras– both color and not!–, the translation has been slightly tweaked for clarity, and did I mention the scans are super freakin’ pretty? Thank Melfra for that. We’ve changed the main font for the series as well, and if you’re familiar with a certain TokyoPop release from way back in the 90s, you might get a giggle out of it.
*Your mileage may vary.

Junketsu+Kareshi Moonphase 14:
“Nicaea -Duel- (HQ)?

Read Online

The read online link will be available later in the day. (Melly’s got to do some funky things with the reader that I have noooo concept of, lawl)

This chapter! Translated by yours truly! Edited by yours truly! And…. typeset by yours truly? Aaand QC’d by Melfra. WHERE THE HELL IS EVERYBODY HUH? I’M GLAD YOU ASKED!

Ever since the eerily systematic disappearance of almost our entire staff (still looking into alien abduction theories, but the red tape’s really dragging me down; NEWS AT 11), it’s just been me, Melly, and our brand new BFF, Egotist, the new editor for J+K who you might remember from the last post. Thanks to that, our group vision has been, uhhhh KIND OF FOCUSED at the moment, which means in the past two weeks, we’ve blazed through MORE THAN 3/4 of volume 4, with volume 5 soon to come! We’ll be bumping up the release rate substantially, but please don’t expect us to release a chapter a week for god-knows-how-long, because we’d burn through the chapter backlog we’ve got going in no time at all, and that would put us at least five months behind while we waited for the new volume release. Keep in mind that there’s only a fresh chapter in Japan every month, and thanks to the rising costs of importing and a low (but slowly recovering!) USD to yen conversion rate, we simply can’t afford to import the magazines often enough to keep current with the land of the rising sun. We’ll be sticking with volume releases from now on, as we always have– and hell, with improved graphics like these, and extras like those, what’s not to like?

To wrap things up, thanks for sticking with us so long, folks. The majority of you have been very patient with us, but it’s all about to pay off! Until next time, REB OUT.

PS – We’ll be releasing 15 within the next week. Stay tuned!



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