Ain’t nothin’ but a thang

Edit: V2 is up.

You know, there has to be something positive that can be said for procrastination. Sure, it destroys projects, and sure, it can build strains on relationships… But boy, is it great for catching up on video games! (God forbid said video game is actually a corrupted file that freezes up at the exact. same. point. every time you play, and it’d been so long since you’d last popped ‘er in that you completely forgot that was why you’d stopped playing in the first place, in which case you’ve just wasted a week doing absolutely nothing of value.)

But don’t let me try to convince you that a heavy serving of lethargy is the only thing I’ve had on my plate for the past month or so. Nay, dear reader. In fact, there was a terrifying moment where I’d dumped an entire steaming glass of tea all over my laptop, after which I spent an entire week chewing on my nails from nerves while I waited for it to dry out. (Some of the keys are still sticking, even! Please excuse the wayward typo.)

“But Reb,” you say with a knowing look, “That only accounts for one week. What else have you been up to?”
I can only say to you, dear reader, as I look deeply into the depths of your [insert romantic color here] eyes, “That’s a secret.” But here, have a hint!

Ever hear of “Christmas in July?”

But wow, that’s enough inanity from me for one night! HAVE SOME LOST UNIVERSE.

Lost Universe, Lost 18: [MENTAL]
Read Online

(hauls out loudspeaker) DRUMROLL PLEASE.
Aaand edited and translated by yours truly, but psht w/e.

Enjoy the chapter! And need I remind you fine folks, we now have a tumblr? (We’ll probably be doing a giveaway soon, so yeah. =D)


5 thoughts on “Ain’t nothin’ but a thang

  1. pip25 says:

    Thanks a million for the new chapter to all the people at Turtle Paradise!

    Shoko Yoshinaka on the other hand would deserve a sizable bonk on the head for this, and that’s putting it very lightly. >_< The Slayers Super Explosive Demon Story had its ups and downs already (the Copy Rezo volume was dreadful, while the volume with Zanaffar was surprisingly good, for instance), but this is without doubt a new low.
    Seriously, how rushed and nonsensical can you get? This part could serve as a perfect illustration to a chapter in a writing guide, titled "How NOT to Kill Off One of Your Main Characters". First of all, what in Shabranigdu's Sandals happened to Anise?? Was she vaporized? Absorbed by the ship? Got stuck in the Matrix? How about throwing us a single line about that, who knows, maybe we'll understand what's going on.
    Second: for the life of me, I can't imagine how Yoshinaka could have possibly believed that the story can get away with putting the emotional "progression" (ahahahaha) from the grief of losing Anise to the cheerful(?) determination(?) of the ending into a single chapter. It basically screams "PAGE CONSTRAIIINTS! MUST FIT EVERYTHING INTO THE LAST VOLUME!!!11". It's lame. No, It's more than lame, it's enraging.
    And if that wasn't enough, if the chapter was not rushed as is, we get a major revelation from the female lead, completely out of left field. WHAT. THE. FREAKIN'. HELL.

    Okay, sorry about that, I'm done ranting. Make no mistake, you guys continue to be awesome, but Lost Universe as a manga series really dropped the ball for me here. I can't help but fear what Yoshinaka has in store for us for the ending.

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