Just another day at HOLY HELL IT’S BARAJOU

Edit: SHOUT-OUT ‘CAUSE WE LOVE YOU GUYS: HAPPY BIRTHDAY SILVER! May your day be full of excellence.

FIRST THINGS FIRST: TURTLE PARADISE HAS A TUMBLR. OH MY GOSH. You should, like, totally follow it. (Did I do that right? I think I did that right.)

Most of the time I preface these holy-hell-delay-ridden releases with some sort of apology, but I figure you’re all sick of hearing (reading about?) me sniveling, whimpering, groveling, kissing boots, etc, so instead, all I will say is… Nothing? I mean, I was about to scream, “BLAME MUTSUKI!” to the high heavens (seriously Shouoto, spread the love!), but that seems kind of irrelevant, though it does have a lot to do with why these chapters just drag on and on for me. ENOUGH OF MY WHINING (Try as I might, I just couldn’t avoid it in the end!), ENJOY THE NEWEST CHAPTER OF BARAJOU NO KISS.

Barajou no Kiss Punishment 34 “KNIGHTS”
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This chapter was brought to you by the UNPRECEDENTED TEAMWORK in the editing department by ZippyZippy and Melfra (HEY MELLY SINCE WHEN ARE YOU AN EDITOR), QC’d by Melfra and Clover, and typeset and translated by yours truly. All I will say about this chapter is that it is nothing if not balls to the wall awesome. Also, stick around after the end for a few new extras we packed into the release. (Yep, this’ll be a regular thing.)

Anywho, I was on a site the other day and I happened to see Turtle Paradise mentioned in passing. “It’s great that they’re working on series I like,” this anon said, “But they’re so slow!” What hurts is that they are soooo right. (But hey, it’s not like it’s false advertising? We’re called Turtles for a reason!) That said, though, I feel motivated through shame to pump up our releases a bit. That’s all, really. Join the staff if you’re interested in helping out, eh? (Even though most of the delays fall directly under the ‘IT’S ALL REB’S FAULT’ column, lol)


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Well dear fellows, thanks for all the releases lately. Super darling is even better than I expected (Sakuya is moe) and Barajou… well, it’s Barajou. What else can I say.
And grats for the tumblr inauguration, I don’t have one myself but I’ll be sure to follow yours. And yes, The Magician and The Princess of The Mist Cage is great, pity it ended so fast. :(


Oh yes, thank you very much for another chapter of Barajou no Kiss!
I can’t wait to see the ending of the manga~
Keep up the great work! ??


Thank you so much for this chapter!
Seriously, your scans quality is so good it make an awesome chapter even more so. I don’t mind waiting if the chapter is better when I get it ^^


Thank you!!! It was so worth the wait! Love the new one Sakuya too! Hope Barajou doesn’t disappoint me, it hasn’t yet! Thanks so much for your work on this!


LOVE the tumblr!! and of course LOVE the chapter! Thanks to you guys (and all of your hard work), BaraKiss remains towards the top of my fave releases! Keep it up! :)


Keep working hard, turtles! I’m always happy to wait for your scans because they’re always top-notch!

…thankyouforreleasingonmybirthday,too,eventhoughyoudidn’tknow :)

First and foremost, HAPPY BIIIRTHDAAY SILVER (even if I may not know you)! :) ???????? All the best wishes go to you today! :D Secondly,awwwwgawsshh, thanks so much for the release! :3 Also, thanks for considering to release little extras towards the story! \(* 3 *)/ ~ ? And last, but definitely not the least, I hope you guys especially don’t get too affected by people’s inconsiderate, heartless comments. It’s such a shame that the English language can be used ever so shamelessly and bluntly at times, but what can you do? I just wish the best for you guys… Read more »

thank you so much \o/
good luck w/ the next few chapters or so of barajou (since it’s a drag for you w/ the mutsuki thing) you guys can do it!!


Thank you for the wonderful release~. I say take your time scanlating. The quality is worth the wait.
In regards to the Barajou chapter: Ahh Mutsuki…how I love you. And finally some action for Seiran yay! lol


Thank you very much for the new Barajou chapter.

Yes, I look often for a new chapter, but I do not _expect_ a new one every time I may come to look. I’m happy and grateful when I find one, but never blame the staff who allow us without the necessary translation skills to share the fruits of their labors. PLEASE do not feel stressed by people trying to push for faster releases — your doing US a favor.

Yuu ?

Thanks for the bara-chapter xD! I was dying for it but seeing this you bring me back to life, hahaha~

Don’t pay attention to such comments, they have to understand that releasing a new chapter is not quite easy! you have to spend a lot of time and do a lot of things before you released it. So take your time and don’t pressure yourself ‘kay? :D

A big hug for you and FAITO turtles! you guys are great! xDD

PS: Still need help in edition? cuz I can help you with that! just tell me~


i hope kaede’s alright.
but wait, of course he is. he is the knight after all!

(/? 3?)/



Awesome. After reading Super Darling, there’s nothing quite like going backwards to Aya Shouoto’s most powerful heroine yet. Thanks!


I <3 Turtles!
Thanks for all your hard work :)


Yeahhhh! Another release! I don’t think you’re THAT slow! Faster than a lot of other scanlators actually! And it’s great that you don’t ever drop any of your manga you start! Thanks for all the hardwork!

Akiko Sakuraba

Imported the last 2 volumes of Barajou. THEY ARE AMAZING AND THIS SERIES WAS AMAZING. Thank you for getting me into it! :3


Imported the last 2 volumes of Barajou. THEY ARE AMAZING AND THIS SERIES WAS AMAZING. Thank you for getting me into it! :3

VICTORY! Isn’t it so much nicer holding the book? XD

Akiko Sakuraba

YES. YES IT IS. And now I have all the volumes.

I’m transferring to a Tokyo college and I’ll be able to buy ALL Shouto Aya’s books! (lovelovelove) I never would have gotten into Shouto Aya’s works if it weren’t for Turtle Paradise, so thank you!


[Spoiler]Mutsuki kisses her: How dare you?!
Serian kisses her: Aw, I don’t mind. Teehee~[spoiler]