Just another day at HOLY HELL IT’S BARAJOU

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FIRST THINGS FIRST: TURTLE PARADISE HAS A TUMBLR. OH MY GOSH. You should, like, totally follow it. (Did I do that right? I think I did that right.)

Most of the time I preface these holy-hell-delay-ridden releases with some sort of apology, but I figure you’re all sick of hearing (reading about?) me sniveling, whimpering, groveling, kissing boots, etc, so instead, all I will say is… Nothing? I mean, I was about to scream, “BLAME MUTSUKI!” to the high heavens (seriously Shouoto, spread the love!), but that seems kind of irrelevant, though it does have a lot to do with why these chapters just drag on and on for me. ENOUGH OF MY WHINING (Try as I might, I just couldn’t avoid it in the end!), ENJOY THE NEWEST CHAPTER OF BARAJOU NO KISS.

Barajou no Kiss Punishment 34 “KNIGHTS”
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This chapter was brought to you by the UNPRECEDENTED TEAMWORK in the editing department by ZippyZippy and Melfra (HEY MELLY SINCE WHEN ARE YOU AN EDITOR), QC’d by Melfra and Clover, and typeset and translated by yours truly. All I will say about this chapter is that it is nothing if not balls to the wall awesome. Also, stick around after the end for a few new extras we packed into the release. (Yep, this’ll be a regular thing.)

Anywho, I was on a site the other day and I happened to see Turtle Paradise mentioned in passing. “It’s great that they’re working on series I like,” this anon said, “But they’re so slow!” What hurts is that they are soooo right. (But hey, it’s not like it’s false advertising? We’re called Turtles for a reason!) That said, though, I feel motivated through shame to pump up our releases a bit. That’s all, really. Join the staff if you’re interested in helping out, eh? (Even though most of the delays fall directly under the ‘IT’S ALL REB’S FAULT’ column, lol)


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Mutsuki kisses her: How dare you?!
Serian kisses her: Aw, I don’t mind. Teehee~


I think the fundamental difference here is Seiran did it out of necessity (def not the best idea) and Mutsuki did it purely for pleasure. The hinging point to me is Anis’s reaction. If she’d reacted differently (not necessarily happily but certainly without crying) I think fewer people would have taken issue with it.