Sakuya is a Super Darling ♥

I will preface this by saying I’m working on about half an hour of sleep, so in between all of this glorious E3 coverage and our newest project blowing my mind with its sheer, unfathomable amounts of moe (the good kind!), my head is pretty damn fuzzy.

THAT SAID. It’s been an extremely long time in the making, but I’m very proud to present the first chapter of Super Darling, the newest series by Aya Shouoto, the same lovely lady who brought us SLH, Barajou no Kiss, and Junketsu Kareshi. In the same breath, I apologize on behalf on the entire Turtle crew for the delay in getting this out. We were on track to keep a monthly pace, but things happened and it didn’t quite work out the way it should have. HOWEVER! We will be keeping a much stronger pace in the next few weeks thanks to a sizeable addition in the typesetting department, though we could do with a new editor or two.

Anyway, back to SuperD talk! It’s shaping up to be a strange (and magical) hybrid between SLH and Barajou (including a scene that feels like it could have been ripped right from the pages of SLH in chapter 3), and Sakuya is the greatest moe-bomb to ever grace this site, and I could not be more pleased to be able to share it with you guys today. SO SALLY FORTH, AND READ ON!

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“And so the flower blooms, behold the beauty of nature!”

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On a related note, I recently discovered that we are (or were, I don’t know) about 24 hours away from getting Super Dan yanked out from underneath us. All I can really say is, please, if a series has a dedicated group already working on it, I think your attentions are better focused elsewhere, on series that haven’t gotten the same treatment. There is absolutely no reason there needs to be competition between groups when there are thousands of fantastic manga out there no one has even heard of.

WITH THAT SAID! Enjoy the chapter, readers, and I’m going to bed!

edit: updated with the reader link!


37 thoughts on “Sakuya is a Super Darling ♥

  1. Shoe says:

    Yesh indeed, your group’s scans are by far the best quality, ESPECIALLY for the manga/mangaka you guys love to scanlate. ? And that’s what I love about you guys. The fact that you guys do your best to scanlate manga you guys actually love to scanlate makes reading a series anyone probably has never read or never liked a better and enjoyable read to, well, read. It’s obvious that if a group loves a certain series, they will do their best job on it. So why should people be competitive when fans and readers are only after the love and beauty of the manga rather than its popularity? This will only bring impatient, annoying trolls into showing their presence more often WHICH WE DON’T NEED AT ALL. I agree with you definitely; groups should not compete themselves with the popularity of manga to scanlate. If your main goal is to emphasize more popularity towards the group from the natural popularity of the manga, why bother scanlating it anyway if another group (TP) certainly does a better job with the moemoe love they have for the actual manga? *sigh* Hopefully you guys won’t stress out on the ridiculous competition that the other group may spaw on you guys. :( Even if they do happen to release better WHICH I HIGHLY DOUBT and faster scans, they won’t get their lovin’ from me, THAT’S for sure. ? :D

    D’aww people like you are the ones we scanlate for.

  2. Taflen says:

    Another Aya Shouoto! Thank you sooooooooo much! Don’t worry at all about stupid competitions, having my favorite mangaka’s releases can make me wait years with no complaints. Just keep scanlating at any pace and don’t pay attention to any annoying troll, who’s asking for dates! Love you!

  3. Lena says:

    Back with another comment!

    IMHO, TurtlePara’s ver. is definitely better..then again, your work have always been pretty darn good^100.
    I love all the little effects, fonts, wording,translation notes, etc.
    Hell, I even read the entire post when I come here to read a new release. You guys are that awesome & funny. >8P

    I think one of the other groups’ release of SuperD cut out some stuff. Dialogue seemed a little condensed at times. I’m sure that did their very best though, scanalation is a long process.

  4. Randomgirl1426 says:

    YAY!!! I was planning to read this someday but i didn’t think you guys will be working on it so early! Thankies for all you little turtles and congrats to the new recruit ^3^

  5. Alice says:

    This is so so moe. THANK YOU MY HEARTS GONNA MELT!! Is it bad that I pretend Super Darling is just Barajou in an alternate dimension? Seriously the male archetypes look almost spot on! XD

  6. Keke says:

    Ohhhh, this new manga is too great! I love it so far! I guess I really like Aya Shouoto’s works! Thanks so much for sharing this happiness~ Definitely one of the best scanlation peoples out there <333

  7. dream says:

    thank you so much \o//////
    And it looks like the other group also scanlating this is continuing it;; idk I think they should drop it when you guys picked this up first since long time & will continue to scanlate it. I see no reason why there needs to be 2 scanlations for this, there’s many other mangas no one has scanlated.
    I rly like TP’s scanlations so I will stick to you guys :)

  8. dream says:

    also no offence intended towards anyone D: just in case it comes off as being rude idk D:
    will be patiently waiting for the next chapter :) once again thank you for your hard work into releasing this Q_____Q

  9. mikashi says:

    Thanks for the chapter~~.
    However, the other group just released chapter two; it seems like they don’t want to give it up -if you’ve talked to them directly already-, maybe both groups can compromise on a joint?
    That way, you won’t have competing scans.

  10. Melfra says:

    Thanks for the comments guys, but the two groups have already spoken and we don’t want to do a joint with them, for various reasons. We don’t intend to give this one up anyway, even if it does take us a long time to release =P I know there’s many other series out there that haven’t been scanlated, but I’m not about to give up on this one seeing as we’ve been working on it for months and according to them, they’ve been working on it for what… a week and a half? hahaha, no.

  11. dream says:

    I’m glad you guys are not dropping this, I rly like TP’s scanlations so ;w; Oh well this shows that Aya Shouoto’s new manga is getting quite a lot of love :3? I imagine there’s a good reason why the the other group isn’t giving up on it.
    /will patiently wait for TP’s scanlations ;w;

  12. XxPurexSoulxX says:

    Hey just wanted to drop by and say thanks for giving us high quality scans, even if there are other groups scanning the same manga, I’m going to sit back and wait for yours to be released :)
    The time and effort you all put into your scans are amazing! Keep it up :D

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