HAH! And you said we were dead

The heroines of the story. You want to take them home, too. Don't deny. I have a confession to make. I LOVE THIS STORY. No, I mean it. I want to take the two main characters home, wrap them in cellophane and ribbons, put them on my bookshelf and laugh at them when they try to gnaw their way out, because they are freakin’ dolls and I want to hug and pet them forever and ever and ever and I will never let them leave.

Shio's faces can MELT BRICKS. HOPE THAT CREEPED YOU OUT. Seriously though, IT’S TIME FOR A ONE-SHOT. This is the story about two fox deities (original: Inari) who, true to the fox spirit, get up to no good all the time. Punking each other, watching anime, junking out, etc, and generally pissing off their foul-mouthed master, Shio. Then they meet a cameraman who’s all HEY GUYS YOUR SHRINE IS PRETTY RUN DOWN HUH and they’re like YEAH WE SHOULD PROBABLY DO SOMETHING ABOUT THAT wait I mean THOU HAVE A POINT and… Well, that’s the setup, so read the rest to figure out what the hell happens. It’s cute as shit, I love the art, and I can’t wait for this guy to put out more stuff, because I will follow him to the ends of the earth for those eyelashes. And I mean, seriously, look at those faces.

Download Addolorato by Hajime Shinjo

And I know we keep saying we’re going to do more one-shots, but those buggers are hard to find, so drop us a line if you catch a whiff of anything interesting. THAT SAID! Editing for this release is brought to you buy Sakana-san (who seems to be dominating my posts lately lol LET’S GET MARRIED BB, I SWEAR I’LL BE THE BEST HUSBAND EVER. Also, AMAZING job on the cover detext bb, I forgot to say OTL), ZippyZippy who’s ALL OVER THE PLACE with her mad skillz in typesetting (I’M NOT CHEATING ON YOU, I SWEAR), and Melfra and Clov3r for making me not sound stupid in a digital form, which I am more than happy to rectify with my blog posts. (NOW WHERE’S MY DINNER) Enjoy, and don’t forget to check out the store, if that floats your boat. (We only ship stuff out on Fridays and Saturdays, so here’s your last shot at getting your stuff in a semi-timely fashion!)

ALSO! New layout on the forum! It’s super sexy. If you haven’t been around in a while, check it out and get your mind blown.



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