It’s been almost a year, but hey, who’s countin’?

There’s a certain series we’ve been neglecting more than others recently, an arrangement I figured most of the staff seemed pretty comfortable with, until Fishiko, one of our resident editors, looked up at me with her sad, sad, fishie-eyes and said, “Reb, why don’t we do Mebius anymore?” And I, seeing those salty tears brimming in her eye-sockets didn’t have the heart to say, “Well, I didn’t think anybody liked it anymore.” So in the interest of never having Fishiko stare up at me with her sad, sad, fishie-eyes again, have some Mebius Gear. I take pride in the fact that we haven’t gone a full year without an update, so. ANYWAY.

Our last update left us off in the middle of a two-part arc, so I suggest going back and reading chapter 5 if you haven’t already. That said, enjoy! The chapter will be available on the reader only for 24 hours, after which we’ll be updating with the download file for those who prefer it that way.

Mebius Gear chapter 6: The Unseen Truth
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This chapter was brought to you largely in part by Sakana-san (Fishiko <3) and her double-whammy editing and motivational skills, Melfra for QC, and yours truly pulling typesetting and translation duty. ALSO! Once again, we now have an online store in lieu of a donation button, so drop by, peruse, and see if anything catches your fancy. We’ll be adding manga from the series we do pretty soon as well, so we’re gonna need a good buffer to work off from the coffers. (Read: BUY SHIT SO WE CAN SELL MORE SHIT) Oh, and feel free to request items you’d like to see in there, like Gashapon and trading figures and stuff that you might not be able to find easily otherwise, ’cause we got MAD hookups.


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I’m pretty ecstatic to see an update for this series!
Personally, I think it’s pretty interesting :D

Thank you for the hard work! :D


Thank you, thank you so much for continuing Mebius Gear :) This is actually my second fav (only after Birdcage) out of all your series^^


AYYAYAYAYAYYAYAYAYAYYAYA. MEBIUS GEAR *o* Oh God, I’ve been waiting for this! -BOWS- Thank you very much for the hard work.



Just… unf. No words.

Wait, I lied. The sad, sad fishie-eyes line made me feel speshul.

That is all.



Oh bb, you are the speshulest Fishiko I know. <33

I am? Out of ALL the Fishikos you know? :3


Weee, mebius! <3 There's a Plot, awesome!
Thanks guys.