Breakin’ the Bank

If somebody came up and asked me, “Reb, what the flying fark are you doing awake this early in the morning?” you know, I have no flippin’ idea what I’d say. I mean, sure I dropped in the sack at about, oh, 11 last night, slept for a few hours, and then got up to study for a test I have at noon today (bitch yeah, THIS IS WHAT COLLEGE DOES TO YOU), but it turns out it’s going to be one hell of a cake-walk, and so now I’m left with absolutely no idea how I’m going to blow the eight hours I have left before I trot my merry ass to the local division of Bank Robbers of America, but luckily for you guys, I feel like being productive. And by golly, I usually hate being productive.

Short of it is, I have something that you want. What’s that, you ask? Barajou. Barajou no goddamn Kiss. Y’all are lucky I love you. And y’all are lucky Tenjoh’s such a goddamn glorious bastard. Y’all can have your pretty men, I want my thinly-veiled PSYCHOPATHS. (Okay, so maybe “Psychopath” is pushing it. But he’s the closest thing we’ve got since Haruto bailed, dammit.) Also, I ship Tenjoh and Mutsuki. YEAH, YOU HEARD ME.

Barajou no Kiss Punishment 33: Othello
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This chapter has been brought to you by c0de_daisy, Melfra, Clov3r, and… HELL THE USUAL, OKAY. THESE ARE GREAT PEOPLE, YOU GUYS. GREAT. PEOPLE

And now for some shameless pimping! As many of you know, we yanked the donation button a while ago because Melly and I were starting to have trouble looking people in the eye as we passed them in the street. INSTEAD! We’ve launched an online store where you can buy junk off of us and help fund projects that way. It’ll help take the edge off my paycheck every month sooo… every bit is appreciated. And as you’ll note in the poll off to the side, we’re also considering keeping it stocked with the series we do (In JP, of course), so drop your two-cents in over there and hopefully we can get that running ASAP. (Also, we’ll ship literally anywhere in the world. JSYK.)




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