In which… I ponder.

Why, what’s this? A new chapter of Flower Thieves! Maxi’s making it a habit of sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong and playing the hero as usual (wouldn’t guess it by the look on his face though, lawl); Guy has reservations about their new traveling companion, and we continue on into the (oft-delayed) final arc of the series. Editing this time around brought to you by c0de_da1sy, typeset by Zippy, and QC’d by Melfra and Clov3r.

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Do all the prettiest flowers have thorns?

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Do all the prettiest flowers have thorns? Online

Now, as if anyone gave a hoot about what I think, it occurred to me while this chapter was in QC that people reading this who may not be familiar with the Wild ARMs series might see the usage of the word “ARM” here in context and be a little confused. The definition of ARM is usually spelled-out in context in whatever entry of the series the term appears, but for some reason, it isn’t really defined here in the manga. In this case, an ARM is a gun; not an arm as in the limb, as, uh, the concern voiced in the QC process for this chapter. Anywho. I’m still not sure if all firearms are ARMs in this series or what, but it’s pretty significant that the new baddie has one and other people know it. END OF LESSON, ENJOY YOUR NEW CHAPTER.

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Oh wild arms ya do make me happy~


OMG! I’m so glad this has been posted! You guys totally made my week!! Thank you so so much!


yay! as always, thanks for your hard work!


*sniff* Flower Thieves got no love ;_;