We’re back and more LITERATE than ever!


So lately I’ve been caught up reading the Wheel of Time series. I won’t say it’s the best ever with the same drooling fanaticism that some of our crew would claim (NANNERS. MELLY.), but it IS enjoyable as hell when the characters aren’t fawning over one another. But that’s neither here nor there – we’re here to talk about MANGA, and today, we deliver — count ’em! — not one, but TWO releases for your reading pleasure, both of which have been an eternity in the making (due in no small part to my own procrastination and preoccupations OTL), but hey. You don’t want to hear me rant. You want to READ COMICS.

Where we last left off, Kizuna and Yuki had made up about their past, uh… transgressions, inasmuch as two people who weren’t even really fighting to begin with can make-up, and Kizuna leaves us with the thought that, “Boy howdy, do I wish I could figure out how to make Asai not so bloody irked at me.” And then it starts raining. The question is, what next? ENTER THIS CHAPTER. Editing duty pulled this time around by c0de_da1sy, with QC magic in deft command by Melfra and Clov3r. Translation and typesetting (and the majority of delays OTL) by yours truly.

Download The Sleepy Residents of Birdcage Manor ch. 13
Read The Sleepy Residents of Birdcage Manor ch. 13 Online

And yet another fans have been clamoring for, Barajou 30! Where we last left off in THIS one, Idel and Anis had a hardcore bromance moment that made me ship them pretty friggin’ hard. And it only gets better in here! Join with me, Rhodecia fans: IDEEEEEELLLLL! Ahem. Typeset and translated by THIS GUY, RIGHT HERE, QC’d by Clov3r and Melfra, andedited WITH MASTERY WORTHY OF A HERON BLADE by c0de_da1sy! Oh snap! It was edited by Shinigami, not Daisy. SORRY BB ILU D= Anyway. ENJOY IT, PLEBES.

Download Barajou no Kiss Punishment 30: Your Song, at the End of the World
Read Barajou no Kiss Punishment 30: Your Song, at the End of the World Online

On that note, we’re still hurtin’ for typesetters and editors, so if you’ve got the time, head on over to the forum and take the tests.



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