You looked like you could use a dose of AWESOME


So Melly’s and my copy of Carnival Phantasm finally came in the other day, and between watching the delicious, delicious blue-ray about three times, drooling over the commentary, and lusting over the gorgeous artbook that came with it, it occurred to me that the Internet has been experiencing a decided dearth of awesome lately, especially when it came to A) Explosions, and B) OUTER SPACE. (Of which Carnival Phantasm has both.) And so I, quite arbitrarily, decided that the entire Internet needed a double-dose of Lost Universe, and it COULD. NOT. WAIT.

At least, it’d be cool if that’s how it went… But alas. Embellishment for the sake of dramatic effect is ofttimes more interesting than the truth itself. (Ofttimes because reality is boring. In which case, it is the gun-powder of second-hand stories. But this is all common sense! Why am I saying these things!? And why, for the love of all that is good and holy, am I still using parentheses!?)


Getting back on topic, we now bring you not only chapter 13 of Lost Universe (which wraps up volume 2), but 14 as well– And that, for anyone following the news, is one people have been waiting on for the better part of almost seven and a half years.

Editing for both chapters was pulled by c0de_da1sy, Typesetting by Kaori, and QC’d and scanned by Melfra. DO ‘EM PROUD GUYS.

Download Lost Universe ch. 13: [ENCOUNTER III]
Read Lost Universe ch. 13: [ENCOUNTER III] Online

Download Lost Universe ch. 14: [DEBUG]
Read Lost Universe ch. 14: [DEBUG] Online



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