Somebody needs to coin a term combining moe and gar

Anis is pretty much the closest thing you can get to Gar in a girly comic series, as far as I’m concerned. I WILL HEAR NO OTHER OPINIONS ON THIS MATTER.

If you’re one of the few who dropped Barajou because it didn’t seem to be going anywhere, now’s a good time to pick it back up. Starting with this chapter, we’re plunging headlong into an arc that’s still ongoing in the magazine (as of ch. 36), and it’s BRICK-SHITTING AWESOME, JSYK. I would also like to state for the record that I would bag Itsushi in a New York minute, and Schwartz too, for that matter. You guys can fight over everybody else.

Editing this time around was brought to you by c0de_da1sy, and her mind-breaking editing skillz, followed up by a power-QC from Melfra and cl0ver. I LOVE THESE PEOPLE AND YOU SHOULD TOO.

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And thanks for all your well-wishes last week! Melly’s more or less good as new… Still sore, but definitely better. (And less cranky, too. THANK GOD.)

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Idel <333
IdelxAnis <333
Love this chapter *.*
Thank you <3


Thank you very much!!


yes!!!!!! my ray of sunshine, hehe thansk for this chappie!!!


Oooooh, thanks for more Barajou! Something great to look forward to while sick. XD

And Melly! Hope you get better too! I know what it’s like to hurt your back. *has constant back issues* D:


thanks turtle paradise!!!!!! BARAJOU NO KISS!!!!


I..I’m said. I now know for sure she’s going to go for Kaede…
My Mitsuki or whatever you spell his name as.):
Thanks for the scanlation and translation!


Yeah! Thanks love Barajou no Kiss.


You people are awesome as always! <3 thanks for the hard work!


Thanks so much for the new chapter!!! Ugh, I’m not liking that brother of Mitsuki…. Mitsuki do you have to fall for that collar thing! Barajou no Kiss sure is starting to get more interesting!

Thanks so much for the scanlation and translation!!

BE CAREFUL ! If you start to read it, it will take you 2min 13sec! :O I know, it’s way too long… Hi everyone ! First, you have to know that I’m french, so please don’t mind it if I say weird things >< Because I'm french, I usually don't comment anything on the net, and I just read. But… this time, I think I should try. I mean, your work is awesome; it's all thanks to you that we're able to read barajou no kiss and enjoy it in english. So REALLY THANK YOU, and please continue this way… Read more »
pyoko `^-^?

I agree, rebmatsu, this chapter left me feeling a little gar for Anis. I hope that Kaede gets his 1st awakening soon!! Though Mutsuki’s kiss scene in the past chapter was cool, I would’ve preferred a scene of Haruto kidnapping Anis, or Kaede at least catching Mutsuki in the act <333


Thank you so much for your wonderful work!

Did anyone else notice that Mutsuki was missing his rose when the Rhode Knights were pledging their oath to Anis? All of the other knights had them. Even Idel had one.
I think that since only 4 knights can be under contract, that means Mutsuki had already left his role as the Black Rose which would also explain his missing rose.

Mutsuki!! How could you??


Thank you for the translate =)))) I really love this manga, so I am really happy that someone is translating it. You’re great =)


@ rebmastu : I was speaking about reading my comment, not the chapter ;D


“Somebody needs to coin a term combining moe and gar”

GAR + Moe = manly moe?
?????? Otokorashi moe ===> OTOKOMOERU~~!

Can’t come up with anything better now… brain dead X_X


Thank you so much! I can’t wait to read more. I just hope the romantic stuff works itself out. The main plot is still strong.


Thanks for translating that amazing manga,
and also thank you TP for the amazing quality! You guys are amazing.

– Gosh Kaede! When will you react! D< –


Ahh this was such a good chapter ;w;
I’m so excited for this arc *A* I really hope they show the guys’ reactions next chapter, too!
And I totally agree with you. I love Itsushi.
Thanks so much for the beautiful scanlating! ?