Somebody needs to coin a term combining moe and gar

Anis is pretty much the closest thing you can get to Gar in a girly comic series, as far as I’m concerned. I WILL HEAR NO OTHER OPINIONS ON THIS MATTER.

If you’re one of the few who dropped Barajou because it didn’t seem to be going anywhere, now’s a good time to pick it back up. Starting with this chapter, we’re plunging headlong into an arc that’s still ongoing in the magazine (as of ch. 36), and it’s BRICK-SHITTING AWESOME, JSYK. I would also like to state for the record that I would bag Itsushi in a New York minute, and Schwartz too, for that matter. You guys can fight over everybody else.

Editing this time around was brought to you by c0de_da1sy, and her mind-breaking editing skillz, followed up by a power-QC from Melfra and cl0ver. I LOVE THESE PEOPLE AND YOU SHOULD TOO.

Download Barajou no Kiss Punishment 29: Keep the Faith?
Read Barajou on Kiss Punishment 29: Keep the Faith? Online

And thanks for all your well-wishes last week! Melly’s more or less good as new… Still sore, but definitely better. (And less cranky, too. THANK GOD.)



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