Lampooning Christianity is SOOO cutting-edge

PUT THAT THING AWAY, BEFORE YOU– oh. Was that the point?


Well. Didn’t manage to release this on the fourth like we said we would, the fifth like we said we would, or the sixth like we said we would, and then I slipped up and posted this Friday instead of saving it for later. (And the chapter wasn’t even done at that point!) I shouldn’t even say “We” at this point, since it was me responsible for all the bork-ups.

This is me, failing all over the place.

Anywho. We’ll spread the love to other series (aside from Shouoto’s, that is) pretty soon here, no worries. Both of our typesetters are on a well-deserved vacation (one willing, one not-so-much, lawl. SEE BELOW), so say HAY ZIPPY, HAY KAORI, BRING ME SOME GODDAMN COCONUTS.

Speaking of whom, Zippy, one of our oldest (seniority-wise, lawl) typesetter’s computer took a great, big, giant dump on her (hence the vacation), so she’s looking for ways to earn some cash for a new one — Here’s where she’s selling a bunch of her stuff, so check it out if you’ve got a minute and throw her some monetary love!

AND HERE’S WHERE YOU GET YOUR NEW CHAPTER OF JUNKY BOYFRIEND. As you might expect, we’re planning on releasing this series every month on the fourth or fifth or so, so look forward to actually having a day to look forward to… Except for this month, but that was my bad. On that note, BOY HOWDY, does this chapter have some fabulous EMO FACIAL CONTORTIONS. This chapter! Edited by c0de_da1sy (who worked some fabulous magic on those two-page spreads, by the way — and anyone who’s worked with Shouoto’s 2ps’s knows they don’t piece for beans), and QC’d by Melfra (thanks to whom you don’t have to suffer through an embarrassing news report!) NOW READ THE CHAPTER.

Download Junketsu+Kareshi Moonphase 11 – Etude for the Soiree
Read Junketsu+Kareshi Moonphase 11 – Etude for the Soiree online

Next chapter promises to be epic. HURRAY FIGHTAN SHOUJO!

…I love being verbose.

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omg! thank you guys i really love this one! ahaha if ever there is a voting to make this an anime!!! i be the first one to vote!!!!ahaha nwei i just wanted to say thanks and *hugs* more power!!!! ;P


Thanks for the new release. But I must say, really, Kana? Running off to the soiree you were specifically told not to go to? I’m really surprised she’s not already a hostage, but hey, still a lot of party to go.

Too true. When she ran off I could not help but heavy sigh. HEAVY SIGH!

Thank you for the Chapter! I can’t wait to see how Kana distracts Aki at the most inopportune moment possible! We shall see how the day will be saved. Haha!


Thank you. I’ve been quite enjoying this title.