…Namely, the ending.


Remember how I said we were going to release some Birdcage? Well, there’s been a bit of a delay… But no worries! It’s tentatively on the plate for tomorrow. REJOICE, EMIYA SHIROU. Then join me in weeping over the project that replaced it today. (WHY DO I KEEP MAKING TYPE-MOON JOKES LATELY.)

Our first release today is, if it wasn’t obvious from the teaser image (and to be honest, it kind of isn’t,) SLH, which is quickly progressing through its final arc, to the benefit of making most of the staff (who worked on it, anywho), Shizuka supporters and Cain h8ters, not that we really needed any help down that road anyway. Cain is a dick, and in this chapter, he’s got that on display full-force — only with a smiley face most of the time, which is Shouoto’s way of asking us to forgive him for being an insufferable cock. It doesn’t work. HELLO, CHARACTER BIAS!
This chapter was made possibly by c0de_da1sy’s mad l337 editing skills (also made possibly by training with the photoshop masters at the summit of Mt. Everest), typeset by Kaori (she partied with Da Vinci in whatever the hell country I can’t be arsed to think of at the moment. SHE’S ALSO A TIME-TRAVELER), and QC’d by Melfra and Cl0ver, who are too goddamn good as it is to have to travel around the world to seek training. THEY ARE THE MASTERS. LEARN FROM THEM.

Download S.L.H – Stray Love Hearts! Room #18 here
Read S.L.H – Stray Love Hearts! Room #18 online

Moving on to BETTER things (as far as the staff is concerned =D), we have Flower Thieves! As promised last time around, this is the SPECTACULAR conclusion to the Frame of Mind arc. Granted, I’m sure we all kind of figured out where it was going, but… Hell, it was still cute! And the end of this chapter, a familiar face appears…
This chapter was torn to pieces and reassembled by c0de_da1sy in an impressive feat of editing acrobatics, typeset by ZippyZippy’s INSANE PSYCHIC ABILITIES (THERE IS NO PAGE. ONLY TEXT.), and QC’d by Melfra and Clov3r, who enjoy tea with their brunch as they discuss the finer points of my GRAMMATICAL FAILURES.

Download Wild Arms, Flower Thieves chapter 9: Eternal Love
Read Wild Arms, Flower Thieves chapter 9: Eternal Love online

And rounding off our release day TO-day is some more Lost Universe! Canal and Anise attempt to make due without Kain and Milly around, to DISASTROUS results. Also, flashbacks!
Typesetting this time around was done by Kaori, editing by c0de_da1sy, and QC’d by Melfra and Cl0ver! I’M GETTING DEJA VU OVER HERE, YOU GUYS. GET HELP.

Download Lost Universe ch. 10: [COMPANY] here
Read Lost Universe ch. 10: [COMPANY] online

Unfortunately, that’s the last of LU for a little while… Still waiting on more typeset chapters! (HAY GUYS I’M LOOKIN’ ATCHA. LOOKIN’ ATCHA. LOOKIN’ ATCHA.) But in the meantime, that wraps up today’s release day! Keep tuning in this week for some RATHER INTENSE REVELATIONS. And on that note, I apologize for not being my usual HILARIOUS self. I’m moderating myself for the other releases later this week.




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