Does Turtle Paradise attract amazing people?

by ninani at Pixiv

With our massive Shouoto and Lost Universe blowout yesterday, Rebmastu mentioned our current financial predicament involving the domain name renewal… And you guys stepped up to the plate. Hard. I mean it, that goal was knocked square out of the park, and I am totally baffled by how amazing you all are. I really don’t even know how to thank you guys ;_; We currently have nearly $90 in the pot (so to speak), meaning not only has the domain renewal fee been paid, but now we’re also able to pay for last month’s issues of Aria and Asuka, which… okay, I’ll admit it, we’ll be lucky if anywhere still has them in stock OTL But thanks to you guys, we still have a shot at getting current content!

So this is where I’ll open the floor for comments. I can’t make any guarantees, but what series do you guys want to see us release? Is it Barajou? Birdcage Manor? SLH? Junketsu+Kareshi? Mebius Gear? Lost Universe? Flower Thieves? Or perhaps some new projects? Like I said, I can’t make any guarantees, but this is a good place to let your comment be heard if you’re really itching for something =D

And again, we love you all so bad it hurts. So bad.

Comments closed! We still love you guys, but I think we’ve got enough to go on now =D Oh my God, I can’t believe no one wants Flower Thieves ;_;



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