Fetish Fri- It’s not Friday? WELL, F-

This is unexpectedly badass!


First off, apologies for the delay in new releases. Most of you were pretty understanding, which I appreciate, and thanks for the well-wishes. (For those just tuning in, I injured my back a couple of weeks ago, and have been recouping from that in the meantime. I’M ALL BETTER NOW.) Unfortunately, due to my taking time off work, bills are running extremely tight in the Turtle household. The Turtle Paradise domain renewal deadline is this Thursday, and both Melly and I get paid on Fridays, so either Turtle Paradise gets shut down, possibly opening up our domain for gankage for a day, or we need to get some donations in here, pronto! If you’ve ever thought of donating but decided to put it off, now’s the best time you can help us out. We’ll appreciate it, no lie!

But moving on, we’ve got three releases today, and hopefully there’s something here for everyone. SALLY FORTH! I always hated that comic. Oh, wait… I guess it’s technically four releases! HELL YEAH!

First, we have the next chapter of Barajou no Kiss! At the end of last chapter, Seiran and Anis found themselves in quite a pickle. WHAT HAPPENS TO THEM NOOOW!? Well, I’m not telling you – read it yourself and find out. Editing this time is brought to you by fresh meat (or fish, depending on how you look at her) Sakana-san, QC’d by Melfra, and translated + typeset by yours truly.

Download Barajou no Kiss Punishment 27: Wuthering Heights
Read Barajou no Kiss Punishment 27: Wuthering Heights online

And rounding up volume 6 is the 24 Hours with the Roses extra, which if you’ll remember, we originally released between chapters 14 and 15 way back when. It was republished with volume 6 in a much higher quality – and we touched-up the translation, too! You’ll also find Shouoto’s customary gag page and the new profile pages for this volume packed in with the zip. This batch was edited by c0de_da1sy, and the other credits remain the same.

Download Barajou no Kiss: 24 Hours with the Roses +vol. 6 extras
Read Barajou no Kiss: 24 Hours with the Roses + vol. 6 extras online


Mama always said cross-contamination was the best way to get shoujo-ites interested in shounen, and what better gateway drug is there than BROMANCE in the form of Lost Universe? …And then Milly runs around the entire chapter in her entirely-too-cute skivvies. HURRAY FOR UNDERWEAR! Editing this time around by c0de_da1sy, typeset by Kaori, and QC’d by Melfra and (she’s back!) Clov3r.

Download Lost Universe ch. 8: Vendetta here
Read Lost Universe ch. 8: Vendetta online

It's so obvious! Why didn't I think of it sooner!?

And SPEAKING of girls running around in their underwear (AN APPROPRIATE SEGUE, OMG), here’s Turtle Paradise’s inaugural chapter of Junketsu+Kareshi, in which Shouoto introduces quite possibly the greatest character she has ever invented. GENTLEMEN, FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION: EVE TSUBAKI’IN. (Here’s a hilarious gag-reel by Rainstride, that genius.)Why did I write everyone’s names in Western orientation? Because we’re not in Japan, dag-nabbit, and I regret not doing it that way for everything I’ve ever translated. FINALLY, I CAN DO IT RIGHT. This chapter was edited by c0de_da1sy (I’M DETECTING A PATTERN!), typeset and translated by yours truly, and QC’d by Melfra. GET TO DOWNLOADING.

Download Junketsu+Kareshi Moonphase 10 – Night Dress
Read Junketsu+Kareshi Moonphase 10 – Night Dress online

And it’s also come to my attention that some folks out there were impatient enough to bug the folks at Omari to pick it back up because we were taking too long to release. HEY, JERKS. IT’S A MONTHLY COMIC, AND THEY DROPPED IT BECAUSE THEY DIDN’T LIKE IT. Dick move, you guys.

And to wrap us all up again… Please donate if you can spare the change! We’re in the red, folks!

Also, we would have had a new chapter of SLH this week if not for the beautiful trainwreck of wank on the projects page. You did it to yourself, wanker. You did it to yourself, and all the other fans.



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