Getting sick of us yet?

Bros 4 life, yo

It’s Tuesday. Again. And we have a new chapter of SLH to feed you. Again. Am I alone in sensing a pattern here? I must be! It’s a trick of my imagination, I’m sure of it!

Oh, whatever. Welcome to Release Day. (Can we pretend it’s, like, Monday or something?) Rest assured, we’ve got other stuff in the works, it’s just… Well, SLH is getting done faster. HOPE YOU LIKE IT, ‘CAUSE WE DON’T. Surprisingly, though, the general consensus for this chapter among the staff is, “It doesn’t suck.” That’s a backhanded compliment for any other series, but for SLH, well, we settle for the middle ground. This chapter is made fabulous, again, through Ren and Kuga’s double-teaming efforts. Are they getting it on off-screen, or what? I’ll leave that image in the minds of prepubescent pre-teens everywhere to stew over.

Download SLH Ch. 15 here
Read SLH ch. 15 online

Thank Shinigami for editing, Zippy (The Zipster!) for typesetting, and Clover and Melfra for QC! Most of our staff is busy with Finals and end-of-the-semester bullshit, SO WISH THEM LUCK.



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