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Remember how last week I mentioned something about horribly neglecting Lost Universe? This week, we’re rectifying that with not one, BUT TWO new chapters! (Ha ha, I said “Rectify.” That almost sounds like “Rectal.” DUUURHURR.) One can only wonder what this means for the second half of that statement… Huh? Oh, yeah, I said “rectify” last week, too. What do you mean I’m not allowed to use the same word twice in two weeks?! WHERE THE HELL DOES THAT LEAVE ME FOR THE REST OF THIS POST, HUH?!

Man, you guys are demanding. I don’t think I can put up with much more of this pressure! Go download your new chapters and leave me alone for fifteen minutes, dammit. I need to go have a good cry.

Download Lost Universe, Lost:3 [AIR BATTLE]
Read Lost Universe, Lost:3 [AIR BATTLE] online

Download Lost Universe, Lost:4 [PRELUDE]
Read Lost Universe, Lost:4 [PRELUDE] online

There, now I feel better. Typsetting for chapter 3 brought to you by ZippyZippy, editing magic wrought at the hands of Tom the Mighty for both chapters, and both chapters have been subjected to a meticulous violation proof by both Clov3r and Melfra, THE DYNAMIC DUO. And with that said, see you next week!

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(WIT) Writer In Training

Kain is sooooo cool!
(But don’t worry you guys are wayyy cooler, I have yet to hear you guys say “hot dog, I did it!”.
Anise looks like their kid… hehe
:P Good work you guys!
I’m loving this series. :)