Coming to you live, yet half dead!

I said we’d finish it eventually, and by god we have! Here’s a new Slayers doujinshi, FINALLY, for your reading pleasure. Oh, but don’t get me wrong. There are still at least two more I want to get done in hopefully short order, so look forward to those! (I won’t give a time-frame, because I am absolutely positively AWFUL with keeping deadlines, so there.)

Download Slayers Doujinshi: Triple Great

Brought to you care of scans by ryals_shoal over at Livejournal (Who you may remember scanned in First, as well.), editing by Tom the Mighty, and QC’d by Melfra. Enjoy, Slayers fans!

On an entirely different topic, I am not touching SLH until the asshole comments STOP. You want to pay us for this? Fine, but until then, we don’t respond well to inflammatory “Work your butts off,” and “Why’s it so hard to release the next chapter?” comments. You’re not even being half as cute as you think you are.



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