Well, that was interesting.

I might feel bad for Shizuma getting LAMBASTED all the time, but he’s a little bit of a dick, so fuck that.

As much as I heart my fluffy woobies, every now and again I feel the urge to pass some lovin’s over to ye ol’ gore porn side of the table, and really, when you think of Turtle FABULOUS Paradise and gore porn, what other title springs to mind but the hilarious (for all the wrong reasons) trainwreck of Mebius Gear?

BOOYEAH, CHAPTER FOUR, BABY. Belated? Bah. How can it be belated when we have no release schedule for it? Although maybe that should change… ANYWAY. Manning the typesetting helm this time around is Beowulf EpikWonder, with an ABSOLUTELY INSANE font selection. To the starboard bow, you’ll find our editor, rainstride the one-eyed (it’s said he pulled out the other one with his BARE HAND because it looked at him funny. Later we found out it was just the result of a bad trip.), and up in the crow’s nest you’ll find Melfra, making sure we don’t fuck it all up. Now read, and enjoy the fruits of our labor… and the fruitless labors of the cast of Mebius Gear. (Haaaw, I made a funny.)

Download Mebius Gear ch. 4 – Hidden Emotions

This’ll be up for online reading later tonight. Melly played with the reader code a while ago, and, uh, hahahaha. Yeah….

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OMG yessssss :] Ufufufufu, this series. IS GOLDEN. :D <—- Hentai


Thanks for this great manga

great drawing for a great story for a great seinen (as i like them)

for a great work….

thanks a lot :o))