Day seven (of twelve) – Re:Heated

Kiss my ass, Melly. I’m using it again!

Ignore the fact that I’m re-using a nearly three-month old teaser image, ’cause it wasn’t relevant then – but it is now! That’s right, Melly. I just claimed superiority over you. WHAT’RE YOU GONNA DO ABOUT IT, HUH. That’s what I thought. Can’t do anything while you’re at work, can ya? Huh, huh?

All heckling aside, though, today we have Wild Arms doujinshi for your reading pleasure! =D Gosh, I love Wild Arms. (I’m wibbling) This one’s about Jack and Elmina and it is faaaabulous. Also includes a story about Hanpan, but no one cares about Hanpan, do they? (I Keed. I love that stupid rat.)

Download Wild Arms doujinshi: Re:Wrap

And we’re seven days into the event! What do you guys think about it so far? What do you want to see more of? Send us your thoughts!



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