Day six (of twelve) – ♥

I knew what you guys’d be staring at from the minute you opened the page, so I went ahead and saved you the trouble. Hohoho.

Moving on to day six! By the way, sorry about the delay in posting yesterday’s doujinshi. (Granted, it was still up before midnight, but still.) I am a horrible procrastinator and have absolutely no excuse. Wait… Was it late? It was kind of late, wasn’t it? OH HELL I DON’T KNOW.

Today we have fluffy FF7 doujinshi – Tifa and Aerith fluff, that is, brought to you only the way Zion can. I… have nothing else to say. Pooh.

Download Final Fantasy VII doujinshi – Happy

(Are you guys getting tired of all this doujinshi yet? =D)


3 thoughts on “Day six (of twelve) – ♥

  1. ?? says:


    A fluffy AerithxTifa release actually deserves one million “THANK YOU!”s.

    And no, we’ll never be tired of doujinshi! Doujinshi forever! Or at least for another six days…oh and happy new year.

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