Kaede’s becoming the comic relief of the series. Awesome thing, or awesome-est thing? YOU DECIDE.

I don’t know what it is about this room, but it makes my fingers still and degrades my clicky-clacky skillz to clicky…. clacky… skills. (Note the lack of Z. This is not a good thing.) Welcome to Tuesday, readers.

For this week’s installment, we, unfortunately, dropped the ball on SLH. No new chapter for you this week…. But you DO get some Barajou! Three cheers for Shinigami at the editing controls (she’s pretty bad-ass with them), and Melfra for her QCing…. Bomb-diggity-ness. Download, and enjoy! (Barajou is, quite frankly, at its best when the OT3 is up to their usual hijinks, which this chapter is CHOCK FULL of. Hurray!)

Download Barajou no Kiss ch. 21 – A Fabulous Vacation at the Tenjoh Household
Read Barajou no Kiss ch. 21 – A Fabulous Vacation at the Tenjoh Household online

I’ll also take this opportunity to remind everyone that there is a 24-hour waiting period before these chapters can be uploaded to other sites. Ideally we’d rather you not at all, so we can get the series off the web in case the author asks us to take them down, but on a more practical note, this is so we have time to release a version 2 if there are any errors in version 1. It’s logical. Please, for the love of all that is good and holy (and to avoid a fiasco like chapter 20), just do it.





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