A new project! And some good ol’ fashioned gun-slinging action

Remember how I said we wouldn’t be doing it? Yeaaahhh, about thaaaat…

I always seem to be in a rush on Tuesdays! I DON’T KNOW WHY, BUT I DON’T LIKE IT. You know what else I don’t like? NOT READING LOST UNIVERSE! That’s right, we’ve got a new swash-buckling SPACE ADVENTURE for you here at TP, brought to you by fantasy great Hajime Kanzaka, author of such series as, oh, I don’t know, SLAYERS. I kid you not, I am absolutely giddy about this series, and I hope you guys enjoy it, too.

Download Lost Universe, Ch. 1: [START]

To round off our week, we have yet another chapter of Wild Arms: Flower Thieves for your reading pleasure! Maxi is as much of a dork as ever, and Jechika, well… Jechika’s just angry. Always. But at least she kicks ass! And of course, Guy’s on the cover yet again, but I’ll bet that’s just so we don’t forget who he is. (How could we!? Hohohoho.) Enjoy!

Download Flower Thieves, ch. 6: Mon Ange, ne M’Oubliez Pas

Read up! These will be added to the reader later tonight. For now, enjoy, and see you next week!



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