Omamori no Kamisama ch. 10 (end), Flower Thieves ch. 5

There. You have your heartbreaking ending. Now can we quit with the obnoxious comments, please?

First on our list of weekly releases, we bring to you the conclusion to Omamori no Kamisama, and boy, what a troll that turned out to be– but we hope you enjoy it anway! Typeset by the legendary Epikwonder, edited by the gruesome Shinigami, and QC’d by Melfra.
Download Omamori no Kamisama ch. 10 (End)

And for a staff favorite (I’m giddy just typing about it!), have chapter five of Wild Arms: Flower Thieves! And now we’re starting to get an idea of what might be happening behind the scenes here… Typeset by the super-speedy Zippy, featuring return editing appearances by Shinigami, and QC’d by fan-favorite Melfra!
Download Wild Arms – Flower Thieves: Ch. 5

See you next week!

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Thank you very much for finishing up the last chapter of Omamori no Kamisama!! :D


A bit sad and disappointed but an ending’s an ending. I was hoping to see how Mimori’s love would be reciprocated but well, guess it’s up to our imaginations. ;P
Thank you for all the releases of Omamori no Kamisama! All of you did a wonderful job! :]
I will continue to stalk Turtle Paradise in the future. Thanks again!?


Yay ~ thank you so much for the ending of this manga! As long there was some slightly close contact on the lips, lol.


I started reading this after you guys had finished all chapters, but what an amazing manga <3 Wish there was more of it.
Thank you~!


Sigh* What an ending .. And I came to love the manga so much :’)
Anyway, thank you so much for the releases :) Keep up the good work guys! :D

(WIT) Writer In Trainer

Aw, I’m gonna those cute little guys,
so cute,
so travel-sized…
Thanks for translating and QCing, I hope you guys had as much fun making it, as I had reading it.
:) As always,
— <3 WIT