Par for the SLH COURSE

I’ll give you two guesses as to why I’m posting at almost one in the morning on a, well, Friday morning, and your first one doesn’t count. If you guessed that I was plotting a hostile take-over of the forum, you were wrong! I already OWN the forum! (At least, that’s what Melly lets me think) Damn good thing the first one didn’t count, huh? That said, we DO have version two of chapter nine of SLH! (Is this turning into a pattern!?)

Anywho, let’s run down the upgrades! (Get it? Run DOWN the UP… Oh, forget it.)

-First, I managed to forget to resize a total filler page. I know. Isn’t that pathetic? I feel bad about it, myself.

-Second, a little cbox-sleuthing (that’s forum-speak, by the way) led us to the conclusion that a bit of Kousetsu’s grammar this chapter was a wee off, so we fixed that up, while we were at it. Hurray! And the filesize is significantly smaller this time around, thanks to the ever-handy optipng program. (You can trust the TP team with your diskspace. Just not a roll of toilet paper and a dark house. Heh, heh… Little Halloween humor, there.)

Download/Read SLH ch. 9, version 2 online

Download offending page 1 (I told you it was filler!)
Download offending page 2 (Creepy Kousetsu times!)

See you on Tuesday! AND GOOD NIGHT.

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um why cant i see the download button anymore :'(


Thank you for editing the grammar mistakes. Thank you for the work you guys have put into SLH so far, and know that there’s a lot of fans supporting you guys. Keep up the good work.