You want SLH? You can’t handle SLH… CHAPTER 9!

Surprise! Yamashina’s the dark and mysterious character in this mango. (O Yamashina <3)

This chapter… THIS CHAPTER. I stayed up all night editing those damned introductory pages, but that might have more to do with the fact that I’m using a computer that’s older than the dirt under my fingernails. Woe, I mourn my laptop. (Still.)

THIS CHAPTER. HAS YAMASHINA. And Gai. AND YAMASHINA. And Gai. And cake, traps, and girly times at the mall. Take that as you will, I suppose. Hell, between Gai and Yamashina at each other’s THROATS, and Ren FREAKING THE HELL OUT, that alone makes this chapter worth reading.

Oh. And the credits page. Heeheehee.

Download SLH ch. 9
Read SLH ch. 9 online

On that note, happy birthday, Vanessa-chan. ASK AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE. /pimp

We’re recruiting more staff, btw, especially editors. Go apply at the forum, if you think you’ve got what it takes!



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