Barajou c20 version 2

I was in the middle of a date with a slim jim and a Grand Am this evening when Reb gave me a desperate phone call. “Mel,” she said. “I screwed up. Bad. Fix it, or the fangirls kill my dog =(”

Seeing as her dog happens to be my dog, I could do nothing but comply! So here’s a version 2 of the latest chapter of Barajou, missing bubbles recovered. Don’t get uppity about the typesetting; I had to fix it myself, and if I were any good at this… well, I’d be typesetting!

Here’s the corrected page, but you can also download the corrected chapter if that sits with you better. ’tis a must for Kaede x Anis fans. Enjoy! Now give me back my dog, dammit!

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Thanks for the fix! When I read the corrected part, I think my jaw dropped. Literally. Good thing I’m not a zombie though.XD


OMG! Thanks for the fix (of Kaede x Anis :P), the intro makes way more sense now.


Sorry, but what has changed? Yes, I’m that kind of distracted girl, and I only read again the first part. All I noticed that was somehow different was the “girl I liked” thing, which was amazing!!! Was this it?


Man fangirls these days! :v
they’ll kill everything if they get mad,like my bear ;~;


turtle paradise! your awesome!thanks for updating barajou…you’re all cool:)) many thanks :))…


Lol, that is a significant difference, having that line or not. Thanks much!

Is it just me or does the “Are you Rhodecia’s gf?” line make it sound like he thinks Anis is dating both guys in the group together? xD Is it that obvious that she’s a playa?


Ggggrrr I don’t want Anis to get with Kaede!!! Btw slim jims make good dates. :P


Ggggrrr I don’t want Anis to get with Kaede!!! Btw slim jims make good dates. :P

lol, I don’t think we’re talking about the same thing. xP