Barajou c20 version 2

I was in the middle of a date with a slim jim and a Grand Am this evening when Reb gave me a desperate phone call. “Mel,” she said. “I screwed up. Bad. Fix it, or the fangirls kill my dog =(”

Seeing as her dog happens to be my dog, I could do nothing but comply! So here’s a version 2 of the latest chapter of Barajou, missing bubbles recovered. Don’t get uppity about the typesetting; I had to fix it myself, and if I were any good at this… well, I’d be typesetting!

Here’s the corrected page, but you can also download the corrected chapter if that sits with you better. ’tis a must for Kaede x Anis fans. Enjoy! Now give me back my dog, dammit!



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