Change of Plans!


So we’ve been having issues with the Monday, probably because of Reb’s stupid computer. Or lack thereof. Whatever. Anyway, used to be that the weekends were awesome for getting stuff ready for release day, but now that Reb’s only day to get serious work done is Monday (which is kind of obvious considering the pandemic of Tuesday releases), we’re going to switch things up again. Tuesday is now release day!

Come on, you know Tuesdays are awesome anyway. In a meh sort of way. /cough

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7 thoughts on “Change of Plans!

  1. rebmastu says:

    FFFF, oh man, Jack. JAAAAACK.

    When I was in HS, I had a teacher who had this deal where every Tuesday, someone had to bring in junkies for the class. His line of reasoning went:
    -Mondays are aces because you’re still getting off the weekend high,
    -Wednesdays are okay because that means you’re more than halfway through the week,
    -Thursdays are cool because there’s only one day left until Friday, and
    -Fridays are awesome.
    -Tuesdays therefore suck by default because you’re still stuck slogging through the first half of the week, and the weekend high is long gone. That’s why you need the pick-me-upper.


  2. Nandy says:

    Tuesday is a nice day for releases :)
    I’m insanely addicted to Barajou No Kiss and can’t wait for you guys to release it! It’s time for Anis and Kaede to kiss, though I don’t think it will happen anytime soon.

    Thank you, guys!

  3. Bee says:

    Tuesdays are fine. A lot of comics always come out on Monday, now there’s something to look forward to on tuesdays! <3 I can't wait for SLH and Barajou updates! <3 Keep the goodness coming.

  4. Live.Breathe.Manga. says:

    I. Love. you.
    Not only did you use “meh” in a sentence
    But you also have a comic with MLIA in it
    You are my hero!

  5. Hanaro says:

    Woo ~ keep up the good work.
    Looking forward to Barajou, Stray Love, and Sleepy Residents.
    (And probably any new manga that will be added one day!)

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