Birdcage Manor and Omamori: Chapter 7 double-whammy!

The girl’s got good intentions, but someone, please, let her know she’s doing it wrong!

There’s not much these days that I hate more than a late release, but oh man, this week. Lucky sevens my ass! Reb’s computer is now a s’more, and I’ve got my computer on the operation table (i.e., my desk) acting as her hard drive’s reverse life support, sucking the juice out of it because ;lakfdj. Hopefully productivity won’t go down the hole because of this, but I’m not making any promises. I mean, we’re sharing a computer for now (new computer? On this budget?! HAHAHA, NO) and I sure as hell can’t scan while she’s translating! Oh well, forget about that now- it’s (a kind of late if we’re going EST) release time!

In this week’s installment of Birdcage! Answers? What the hell is exposition doing in my story about naked chicks and whores?!
Download Chapter 7 and wallow in despair!
Or just read Chapter 7 online! (and continue wallowing!)

Later, in Omamori chapter 7, we have… Mimori straightening out his priorities! Does anyone read this for the story?!
Stop being so self-centered and download Chapter 7 here!
Or get your reality check online!

Comments are super appreciated this time around since Reb’s been in a total “Hurrrr ;_;” mood since her laptop fried. And, uh, it’d do me a bit of good if she stopped wandering around in a funk, too ¯\(°_o)/¯

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Thanks for your hard work!
Birdcage is one of my most favorite mangas!
Omamori may be plotless, but ya gotta admit it’s pretty darn cute…


Thank you so much for scanlating Birdcage Manor :D I really love how the story is progressing^^

Writer In Training (WIT)

Thanks so much for Omamori AND Birdcage Manor!
U guys must have been swamped!
They’re both great reads, especially Onamori (which is soooo dam cute! :P), anyways thanks so much for all of your hard work and sorry about the laptop-disaster!
Stay Strong! :) lol


Thank yo guys for the (as usual) awesome work! <3 Birdcage was just… gasp…
And good luck with the damned fried technology! These stupidly stubborn laptops, show them who's the boss and kick their ass… Um… Battery?


thanks for the double realese, so yuki is gay and a lesbian? xDDDD i love more and more this manga.


I generally avoid shoujo with a vengeance but this series has got me completely hooked! I can’t thank you guys/gals enough for scanlating this series!


Thank you Thank you :) this manga is refreshing to read and i apreciate very much from you guys to scanlate it :) Thank you :D and keep the good work :)


Thank you :] Ugh i just read Birdcage and i’m a little peeved D: How could he? But can’t help but love this series ?


KYAAAA I’ve waited for this for sooooo looooooooooong~~~~~~~~
Thank you for all your hard work, the story is getting more and more interesting xD
My most favourite shoujo of all time~~~~