Light Magic ch. 8 & SLH ch. 7

This image reflects my general attitude towards the “May” arc… In general. (Hohoho.)

Riding on the curtails of Tuesday, here’s a release just barely in time for Monday! And don’t ask why it’s so late, you’ll laugh at me. Srsly. (Hey, can I help it that I got derailed reading Mebius all day? I’m a glutton for punishment, so sue me.)

FIRST UP! Slayers: Light Magic reaches its penultimate chapter, and you won’t believe what you’re about to see this time around. >=3 Kudos to Tom the Mighty for using his brawn at the editing helm, Magmastorm for her typesetting prowess, and Melfra and Clover, as always, for making sure you readers get quality releases. Only one chapter left!
Download Slayers: Light Magic ch. 8
Read Slayers: Light Magic ch. 8 online

And then we have the continuation of a title long in the making (OTL), SLH ch. 7. We had a couple of delays, but no worries, folks! Everything’s taken care of, and I have a feeling you’ll be able to expect chapter 8 a lot sooner than you think. >=3 Thanks to Zippy for typesetting (with special thanks to Ellzee!), Shinigami for editing, and as always, Clov3r and Melfra for… for… FOR THE MAGIC THEY WORK.
Download SLH ch. 7
Read SLH ch. 7 online

See you next week! (This time, for sure!)



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