Wild Arms Flower Thieves ch. 4

Show a little respect, Maxi! These are your ancestors! Have fun during the zombie apocalypse, by the way. You’re gonna have an army to contend with.

On that note, sometimes I want to slap Maxi. Then hug him… then slap him again once he starts crying, because you know he will. Don’t be fooled by his crocodile tears, he just doesn’t want you to send him home to… CORNETTE.

Typesetting by ZIPPY! Hogod, you guys. She’s been a BEAST this week.
Edited by SHINIGAMI! Her pen is sharper than her… teeth?
QC’d by… CLOV3R AND MELFRA! They’re partners in crime, and they’re out to put a stop to BAD GRAMMAR. They’re the WONDER TWINS! Wait a minute…

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