Barajou no kiss… DOUBLE WHAMMY!

Mikage has her troll face on.

We would have had 18 out last week, but then a derpy copy of 19 showed up, so we couldn’t very well subjugate you all to a chapter out of context, could we? So here’s TWO chapters at once, as a reward for your patience! You, uh… You DID wait to read 19 until 18 was out, right? RIGHT? Because that chapter KILLS anything 18 builds up to out of context. BUT JUST SAYIN’.

Ch. 18 was edited by Shinigami and Melly pulled OMEGAS double-duty on ch. 19 with scanning, editing, AND QC, with Grover leading the charge with guns blazing ALSO on QC! (for both chapters, of course) THAT’S TEAMWORK RIGHT THERE. Typesetting and translation by yours truly, but that’s the easy part so it doesn’t count.

Download Barajou no Kiss ch. 18 + 19
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27 thoughts on “Barajou no kiss… DOUBLE WHAMMY!

  1. Amanda says:

    I’m confuseeeeed. I thought they were already currently AT the level 1 awakening, so why is it that when Anis actually commands the White Knight, it says White Knight Level 1 Awakening on the side? I’m just confuseeeeed.

  2. ayuku says:

    thanks sooooooooooooooooo much!!!
    i’ve been reading this manga for two days and i already felt in love with it!!!
    i really want to know what happen next so please translate and post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. aheart says:

    please translate chap20+ soon, i’m dying of waitingness!
    but dont rush too much either (:
    but anyway yes,
    and i would love to help…
    apart from the fact that i cant translate or anything =____=;;
    so i’m sorry, but keep going with barajou no kiss and P.L.H please! <33333

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