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Last poll, we asked what types of “comics” (for lack of a better universal word; well, maybe graphic novel would work but ;lsdfj) you liked reading. Of the participating voters, 35% said they read a mix (I still don’t even know what I meant by that, lol), 30% read manhwa or manhua, while only 28% stick exclusively to manga. Brining up the rear, 7% of voters claim to read NA comics and graphic novels. You guys should go read Fables. It’s awesome.

And with those results posted, it’s time for the next poll! I’m maintaining the status quo by posting crap no one cares about, gais. But it being a Monday, it’s fairly relevant.

What do you think of the Monday schedule?

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If anybody has any poll suggestions, pitch ’em at me with a comment or PM, I’d love to hear what you’ve got!

Worry not, the Monday releases will be coming later today. LOOK FORWARD TO IT!
Also, for the last time: Do not ask when new chapters are coming out! We release chapters as soon as they’re done. If it’s not out, it’s not finished. THIS ISN’T ROCKET SCIENCE, PPL. Going to ignore everyone else asking this now, kbye

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Monday is great if it helps you guys plan things, but otherwise, the “when it’s done” stance is fine by me. ;)


please don’t resort to holding back releases. nothing could make you seem more childish, and it accomplishes nothing but pissing off the people who follow the rules and appreciate you the most.


Aside of being incredibly rude, you seem to miss one very important point: Timed releases can get the weight off of the staff’s shoulders. The moment something is out, people start wanting the next one (which is somewhat natural, but can obviously be very annoying at times). With a fixed schedule, you have your own timetable and not the readers’ impossible expectations to work against.
I am part of no scanlating group, but I did experience this in several other areas.

Alright, guys. Let’s try to keep the conflict to a minimum. I know readers all appreciate our work very much (at least, I hope so…) and I’m glad our work gets this appreciation. However, the release schedule is our choice. Also, if you’re polite and courteous, people are more likely to listen to you as opposed to if you’re inconsiderate and rude. @pip25: Thanks for sticking up for us. @Me: Real appreciators would encourage the group positively and politely. Not insult them. They also would not be angry with whatever we so choose to do. Believe it or not, we’re… Read more »

I agree with epik 100%

And to keep on topic. I like monday releases personaly. Nothing like waking up sunday morning and relizing you still have 10 pages to get done. lol Though, in all honesty. It does keep me up to date with my work.

But that’s just my 2 cents.


I personally like the weekly releases. It gives the staff a way to organize themselves. So while they may be “hoarding” releases so to say, both the staff and the fans get something out of it. It’s a somewhat win-win situation. And plus if something gets licensed or the group suddenly decides to close down (I’m saying if people), I’m pretty sure they’ll be nice and have some sort of mega-release of the stuff that was back-piled.

I say go for it, like everyone else says it will help to keep you guys organized, but I’d suggest not to fret over it if you don’t make it in time. Since you’re doing this because you love your hobby and you wanna spread the love, I think it’s ok if you miss a date once in a while. IRL can get overwhelming at times (and very much in the way) and scanlation shouldn’t be a chore but something to enjoy. Hahaha of course there are gonna be people whining every monday if something is not released, but hey… Read more »