Omamori no Kamisama ch. 6 + Light Magic ch. 7

Where’s a cleric when you need one? Oh, wait…

So how ’bout them Mondays? No, no, it’s okay. I already know what you’re thinking: “MONDAYS? MONDAYS ARE AWFUL, THANKS FOR REMINDING ME HOW TERRIBLE MY LIFE IS. Wait, doesn’t Turtle Paradise post their new releases on Monday now? BY JOVE, MONDAYS ARE SPLENDID!” Don’t worry. We know.

First up is chapter 7 of Slayers: Light Magic! Sure, we already released one chapter last week, but you guys deserve more than that. And we at TP LOVE Slayers fans with a burning passion, so hey? Why not pay ’em back! THIS IS FOR YOU, GUYS. Typeset by the ambidextrous (but only on Tuesdays) ZippyZippy, Edited by the man who gives birth to entire civilizations with his sphincter Tom the Mighty (MIGHTY IS RIGHT), and QC’d by Mel~fraaaa~ (Lu~piiin~) WHO OBVIOUSLY NEEDS NO INTRODUCTION.

Download/Read Slayers: Light Magic ch. 7 online

And now a new chapter of Omamori no Kamisama! NO WE DIDN’T FORGET. This series is full of delicious shota-bait (YOU KNOW IT TO BE TRUE), and this chapter, Mimori… Oh god, Mimori. OTL SCUSE ME I NEED A MOMENT. Edited by Shinigami, typeset by Ellzee, and Qc’d by… OH, I THINK YOU CAN GUESS.

Download/Read Omamori no Kamisama ch. 6 online

Next week is going to be CRAZY release-wise and I’m OTL’ing all over the place about it, but I’m sure you guys’ll enjoy it, lawl. In the meantime, if you enjoyed out releases and would like to show your appreciation but don’t quite think a comment would cut it, hey, there’s always our donation box you could add to? =P /SHAMELESS BEGGING, GO GO!


12 thoughts on “Omamori no Kamisama ch. 6 + Light Magic ch. 7

  1. Fells says:

    The new Omamori chapter! Ahh! I loved it! Thanks again for all the work you do–it really shows. Man, I wish you guys did ALL my favorite series…

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