Mebius Gear ch. 02

I guess that’s one way to save money on manicures.

Is it Tuesday? No it’s not. Is it Sunday? Fsk no, that was yesterday, don’t subject me to repeating the past! So what does that make today? IIIIIIT’S MONDAY, MONDAY, MONDAY!

There’s a slight chance we’ll have another chapter (not of Mebius, but that would be kickass, huh?) to release today that’ll come a bit later (possibly early tomorrow) as a last minute thinger dinger, but I’ll be damned if we skipped a whole week not to have a double release one way or ‘nother!


Have a new chapter of Mebius to hold you off. Holy shit, I love Mebius. Editing mojo comes courtesy of Tom the Mighty, and QC happenings from Melfra. BOYEAH. ENJOY.

Download/Read Mebius Gear chapter 2 – A Snow-White Dream online

Oh, and the reaction from the first chapter was PRICELESS. Keep it comin’, folks.

EDIT (the day after, lolz): Yeaaah, Melly won’t let me release anything else after Monday. xP Oh, well! Look forward to a pretty hefty release next week!


7 thoughts on “Mebius Gear ch. 02

  1. rebmastu says:

    Damn, I love this manga.
    And I also love your other scanlations too.
    So keep up the great work!

    Thanks! (We hope to, lolz) MEBIUS IS AMAZING. HOMG.

    Thanks for the Chapter!!

    btw, I’m secretly hoping that the second release will be Evangelion~

    >=3 I will say nothing.

  2. Train/Shinji says:

    Thanks after I finish FullMetal Alchemist I’ll read this series…
    But I am thinking like Tsubame-go, still hoping for Eva xD, anyway you guys keep doing this wonderful job!

  3. Andrew says:

    just wondering*been real antsy(is that a word?)* when can we expect the next light magic chaptor?

    T.T im sorry if im being rude

  4. 4no-4no says:

    Awesomesauce. Thanks for the release!
    On a side note… page 7, bottom left box, “We’ll have to make *due*…”

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