Monday Release – Barajou ch. 17, Eva Datenroku ch. 21

The Joker’s got nothin’ on this Raep Face.

Through some large-scale disaster, be it natural or cosmic, it’s Monday again and we’re here with a new batch of releases for your reading pleasure. Unfortunately, the gore wasn’t a go for today. Believe me, I’m just as sad, if not sadder than the rest of you. Delicious Mebius… Next week, p’raps.

Anyway! This week it’s chapter 17 of Barajou no Kiss, featuring the editing stylings of Shinigami and QC by Melfra and Clov3r; and chapter 21 of Evangelion Gakuen Datenroku (ONLY ONE LEFT!) editing magic worked by RainStride and featuring return appearances by Melfra and Clov3r at QC, so go grab ’em while they’re hawt.

Btw, while we’re on the topic, stop trying to direct-link to the zips on our server, m’kay? It won’t work, and it makes you look silly.

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*_* Thanks for this chapter of NGE,I really love it!


thanks for the new chapter! will you take new project of Aya Shouto?

If you’re talking about that “Vampire Boyfriend” one, or whatever someone decides to translate it to, then no, we don’t have any plans to pick that one up.

:( I hope some group will take it :(


what happened to this weeks release?? (can’t wait for NGE 22)


Oh ok, sorry to bother you rebmatsu =)


Thanks for the barajou no kiss chapt. 17!! Poor Kaede…
I CANNOT wait for the next chapt. oh btw, is vol. 5 of barjou no kiss out yet?


Thanks again for your wonderful work!!


Hey, Thank you for scanning Barajou no Kiss it’s really cool;
i just wonder when chapter 18 going to release
Please reply me!

Writer in Training (WIT)

This is the first piece of Manga that I’ve absolutely fallen in love with, all the characters are different yet they all entertain me with their actions and differences. Please finish Barajou no Kiss CH 18 and so on–I’ll be eagerly awaiting the next post!
Truly a fan—WIT
PS: I can’t wait! I almost wish I could learn Chinese or is it Japanese? :)


when’s chapter 18-last gonna be released in Barajou no Kiss?

Writer In Training (WIT)

Where can I buy all 3 volumes of Barajou No kiss?