Barajou ch. 16 and SLH ch. 6… A DAY LATE!

404. They do NOT got the beat.

Ho ho ho ho. Heh.

Aw, I got nothin’.

Anyway, Melly and I got caught up with yard work for pretty much the entirety of yesterday, so neither of us were able to post the day’s releases. BUT NOW WE GOT ‘EM. This one’s for you, Shouoto fans.

FIRST UP, SLH. This is the one where literally half the team (and everyone working on it, har har) flipped their shit cheering for Hiyoki. WHY!? Read it and find out! Thanks to Shae and Shinigami for editing, Zippy for typesetting, and Melfra and Clover as always for catching all my derk-ups. (har har) AND special thanks to Dynamint at LJ for helping me understand Yamashina’s hellacious equation.
Download/Read S.L.H. Room #6 online

And here’s a guest credits page by Clover, and HOGOD THAT’S THE CUTEST THING I’VE EVER–KALSKDJF;LAKSJDF;

And this chapter of Barajou should tell you why the two new members of the cast and crew AREN’T members of the harem. Oh, wait. That comes next chapter. BAH, THIS IS CLOSE ENOUGH. Anyway! Thanks to Shinigami for editing (lawl, again), Baki for typesetting, HUGE props to Zippy for helping me finish up in time for the deadline (even though we didn’t make it anyway OTL), and Melly and Clover for pointing out my shortcomings. DERP DERP

Download/Read Barajou no Kiss ch. 16 – The Fake Rose online

And that’s it for next week. STAY TUNED NEXT TIME FOR GORE! I hope.



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