Eva: Gakuen Datenroku 17 & Barajou no Kiss vol 1 (HQ redo)

Look! You scared Shinji! Well… Okay, we know that’s not hard, but still.

First off, can we all just pretend we released this on Friday? Because (GASP!) Turtle Paradise is moving to a release schedule! (Good god, it only took us two years.) Expect new releases of WHATEVER THE HELL WE PLAN ON RELEASING every Friday! What time? Psht… Don’t give us that much credit as forward-thinking individuals. We ain’t smart folk, no siree. ANYWAY! BREAK DOWN OF RELEASES!

First we have chapter 17 (GASP) of Evangelion Gakuen Datenroku! I know, I know… Took us long enough, right? But it’s out now! ARE YOU HAPPY NOW!? That’s what I thought. Enjoy it, Eva-geeks. Editing brought to you by Rainstride, friend to forest-dwellers everywhere.

Download Neon Genesis Evangelion Gakuen Datenroku vol.4 ch.17

Second we have the promised HQ re-release of volume 1 (specifically, chapters 1 and 2) of Barajou! I’ve gone through and touched up a lot of the dialogue and corrected some translations for the entire first volume (including Anis’s name), so if you haven’t done it recently, maybe now’s a good time to re-visit it? Besides, volume one’s easily the best of them all. (Or maybe tied with volume 2?) Editing by the multi-talented Melfra, who also runs a mean scanning bed. Yes, she will fark your shite up, don’t even.

Download Barajou no Kiss chapters 1-5 (v2)

The new chapters haven’t been uploaded yet, because Melly and I want to bust some ass on WoW. In the meantime, ENJOY~

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EDIT: Now uploaded to the reader!

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What server and race/class :)

I use to play but I quit to do scanlation … either way both takes up so much time hehe ^^

Lawl, right? Undead warrior just starting out on Eldre’Thalas – name’s Lamier. xD (LOOK ME UP, HAW HAW. If I ever get on tonight OTL) Juggling the two’s kinda hard, huh… Heh heh heh. OMG I HATE UNDEAD!!! not you but I was a human warlock on shadow hands and I use to get pound my undead since they have a special ability against warlocks or something like that. I use to raid and get boss drops and rarely fought with hordes since you had to be like really good to mess with the other race haha ^^ I quit… Read more »

Please Good sir!!!! Moar Evangelion >=)



Hey guys thank you so much for your work and dedication! just remember for every annoying person out there whining to you for releases there are another 50 who support you silently. As a previous scanner/editor/typesetter for scanlations, I know how damn hard and time consuming it can get, so thanks for sharing all these titles with us!


1. Big thanks for the Eva chapter
2. Good luck with the schedule thingy. I just hope that putting a schedule to things doesn’t take away from the enjoyment you get from scanlating – I’m just glad to read what you release – it doesn’t matter when.


XD im just waiting for slayers lol (that came off rude not funny huh T.T)


omg i think i got the best heart attack in my life.
i’ll be looking forward to birdcage manor, stray love hearts, and barajou no kiss! i’m a sucker for romance manga <3

and i have to say, this is the only site i have seen with so much work into making viewers out there completely satisfied.


Thanks for the Eva chapter
it’s been a long time =P


Well, simply thanks for your translation and edition: Go Turtles, Go…!!!!!!!!!!!!