Oh god, Luke, you make the wait SOOOO WORTH IT.

Hello, my name is Reb, and I’m a raving, drooling Luke fangirl. PLEASED TO MEET YOU, AND PLEASE HELP ME.

So after another million billion years (to which I’d like to say wtf is our problem), we finally, FINALLY have finished Falces, and homg is it ever amazing. If you haven’t read it yet, well, the reader gives you one hell of a fabulous opportunity. DO IT NOW. OR ELSE. And speaking of readers, you can now navigate from page to page using the left and right arrow keys! HURRAY FOR PROGRESS! Melly’s been doing a lot of backend work too, so… Yeah. It’s pretty much awesome.

Baseless and (nonthreatening) threats aside, we also have a new chapter of Larry Trigger Light Magic for you. HOLY CRAP, you say, YOU’VE ONLY KEPT US WAITING SINCE NOVEMBER. And, uh, I didn’t even know about that until I cracked open the old credits page to change it for this chapter. Boy, do I feel like an asshole. I’M SORRY GUYS, WE’LL DO BETTER NEXT TIME… Hopefully.

Download Slayers: Hourglass of Falces, chapter 4: The Transient Sands of Time, Fluttering in the Sun’s Dying Light (END)
Download Slayers: Light Magic, chapter 5: Begin the Counterattack! (end volume 1)



  1. An Interesting Alias says:

    DECLARATION: I like Slayers.

    OBSERVATION: You released a new chapter of Light Magic.

    CONCLUSION: *insert words in praise of fish*

  2. rebmastu says:

    I love you my favourite girls ^^

    I’m going to read this righ now. Thank you a lot. You’re the best.

    Gruuu~~~~ <3 My favorite frenchie! xD WE DO IT FOR YOU~

    I’m interested on reading this series, but from which sequel i should start reading in order? :>

    Good question – chronologically, Super Explosive Demon Story comes first, but we only have the last volume of that… FOR NOW.

    From there, you can go in literally any order you’d like. I’d probably start with Light Magic, then maybe move on to Aqua Lord, then Slayers Revolution, then Evolution, then Falces, personally.

  3. Gruic says:

    I read the last chapter of Falces and I think it’s the best Slayers manga ever, for a lot of reasons. If you remove the big boobs stuff, it’s just perfect. And I am fan of Luke and Milina so… what else ? :p

    I will always thx you for let me enjoy this manga. And the work on the translation ? E X C E L L E N T. I think it was a real pain, according to the vocabulary and all these hard sentences. Very good and professional job.

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