lol popularity (and a new poll about the reader!)

Well, the results are in from the last poll… except not, but you get my drift!
Obviously the majority wants some good ‘ol Shouoto lovin’ with Barajou and SLH, but coming up third is Birdcage, which gives me warm fuzzies like you would’t believe. Especially considering it was #1 for a week thar =D But that last one was gigantic, don’t even. So it’s gone now.

So, the reader?

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Instead, we’re still talking about the reader! Those of you who like reading online have had enough of a chance to flip through it a bit, so here’s your chance to give some honest feedback! Does it suck? Does it not suck? Time to hide behind the veil of anonymity and make your opinion known!

But if you don’t want to hide behind an anonymous wall, please feel free to tell us your opinions, suggestions, or complaints in here, because I totally have no idea wtf to do next. (;/゜o゜)/ ?~*

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online reader = love

It’s convenient, fast (at least for me), and I love super huge images so wth. >w<


The huge images <3 them ,much more details \^0^/
Definitely re-reading All of your realeases in the larger images
Just a little suggestion not to be picky or anything i think it would be more convenient to navigate through the pages using the right and left arrow keys on the keyboard.
I gotta say this again I LOVE the Huge images , so yeah ^_^




You might want to give the viewer an option to enlarge the double pages; since, the images are on the small side.