Barajou no Kiss chapter 13… and 14!?

Oh, we’re plotting alright.

There are a million billion people out there in the world right now and I’m willing to bet that today is one of their birthdays. So here’s to you, Mister one in a million billion people out there in the world right now; be glad that on this day XXX years ago your mother catapulted you out of her gaping maw and into this world. Here, have this present of not one, but two chapters of Barajou… and thank YOU for being born.

Okay, so all Evangelion-based lampooning aside, I’ll bet you’re all wondering WHY this chapter took so goddamn long to get out. It’s because we no longer have any editors. Nope, not a goddamn one. Our last dependable staffer has disappeared off the face of the planet (like so many before her) and we don’t have anyone to step up to the plate in her place. And hopefully, that’s where one of you will come in. (By which I mean plz plz plz take the editor test oh my GOD we need help.)

ANYWAY! As of this chapter we’ve changed “Anise’s” name to the official romanization of “Anis”. PROTIP: It’s pronounced Ah-nis, with a soft “A,” not a hard “A” like in “Anus,” which is pretty much the reason we changed it to begin with. But worry not, we’re gonna go and re-do the earlier chapters to reflect that change later this month to make up for not releasing anything on the 21st. (Durp durr)

Anywho, thanks for being patient (Oh god I can’t say that with a straight face…), and enjoy the new chapters. Yeah. They’re plotty… Or at least the second one is. YAY, CONFLICT. We also went ahead and re-released chapters 11 and 12 to get you started. (That brings ch.12 up to a whopping v3, lawl. OH BOY, DOES THAT EVER LOOK GOOD.)

Download Barajou no Kiss chapter 13:
Attack! ☆ My Neighbor’s Body Measurements; and
Barajou no Kiss chapter 14: Beware of Idols?!

Anyway, not to be a fear-mongerer or anything, but if we don’t get any new editors in the near future, like, REALLY near future, we’re probably going to have to shut down for a while. Both Melly and I go to work AND school full time, and neither of us really has the extra time to do too much more of this on our own, so unless we get some more hands on staff, our release rate’s gonna go down even more than it already has… and that’s saying a lot. Again, visit the forums and take the EDITOR tests if you have the time! (We’re set with typesetters for the time being. All we need right now are IMAGE EDITORS.)



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