As I’m sure most of you can tell by the lack of recent releases, we’re omega short-staffed at the moment. Some of our regulars are busy with school, others are taking a break, and still more have simply disappeared on us. With that said, we’d love to have some more help ESPECIALLY in the editing department!

If you’ve got the motivation and most importantly the time to spare, all you have to do is register for an account at the forums, make five posts, and then you’ll have access to the tests. The difficulty level is pretty high, but you don’t necessarily have to pass or even fully complete a test to be considered for a staff position. Just try, and we’ll work with you from there.

On that note, we’re going to start shifting our focus to appeal to a wider range of people – and that includes a heaping pile of SEINEN. So if you like the gritty stuff, we’ve got what you’re lookin’ for. Hopefully. What I’m trying to say is you probably shouldn’t apply if you’re all about butterflies and rainbows, because, uh, that makes us all die inside.

In the meantime, we DO have quite a few different titles almost ready for release, so… look forward to that, I guess?

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The leader of the turtles and the source of any and all hiatuses.
A stay-at-home freelance translator who's just a tad underemployed at the moment, and out of practice in the literary field besides.
Enjoys long walks in the park and candlelight di--(SNIP)

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