Dropping the Ball on Barajou + lol twitter

By prioritizing education over entertainment, duh.

It’s a well known fact that most of TP’s staff is around college age, and with that comes (drumroll, please) excessive schoolwork, which is what we’re all dealing with right now, and it seems that Barajou has become collateral damage in our ongoing war against atrophy. Woops.

Long story short, the next chapter of Barajou is going to be delayed a bit, but we’ll get it out when we can. In the mean time we might have some other releases, but that’s because we’ve got multiple staff working on their own projects, and Barajou just happens to be more time consuming than most.

Thanks for your understanding!

PS: By popular demand, we have a twitter now. I’m still trying to figure out how this works, so… follow us? =D

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3 Comments on "Dropping the Ball on Barajou + lol twitter"

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Swear to god that you got my heart stop beating for a sec there…

The word “dropping” is just… ARGH!!!!

*breath a sigh of relief*

Anyway, I’m thankful to everything TP’s done for us, so as long as it’s not actually ‘dropped’, all’s fine… tomorow’s a brighter day…


my heart stopped…just read “dropping” and “barajou no kiss” in the same sentence had me gasping. >_<;;

thank you for all the work you guys do even though you're all busy with school. ^-^b


I guess everywhere in the world the exams season started. Well, it should be banned. :)
Anyways, good luck everyone. I guess we can wait a bit more for a new release, take it easy. Oh yeah, and thanks for all the hard work you’ve been doing!