Barajou no Kiss ch.12 (v2)

And I hope YOU’RE all happy.

A few kind viewers pointed out with the last chapter that we made a couple of hiccups with the final release (as usual), which I… promptly forgot to do anything about. Oops. The errors were pretty minor in scope, ranging from double commas (GO ME), to omitting words. The biggest mistake I can think of is on page 80 where the various stages of the contracts were described (I accidentally listed them all as “Stage I”), and the stupidest… Well, I misspelled some stuff on the credits page, but really, who cares about that? (We do, dammit! That’s why we’re releasing a v2!)

If you’re perfectly content with keeping the version you have, by all means, go for it. But if you download this version, you’ll get a sneak peak at some new art by Shouoto which came with this month’s Asuka magazine. >=D (INCENTIVE!)

Download Barajou no Kiss vol.3 ch.12 (v2)

And, um, please donate if you have any spare change lying around? =’D We’d love you forever.

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Thank you! :) I’ll donate some money since this group is just so awesome. xD


Thank you! :) I’ll donate some money since this group is just so awesome. xD

No, you’re awesome! Thank you! =3