Happy 2nd Anniversary, Turtle Paradise! Have some Birdcage Manor to go with that cake.

This hug is from all of us at TP. Oh man, don’t make me say that twice.

A day late for our own anniversary, but that’s totally our style, isn’t it? Anyway, thanks for sticking with us for two years, guys. HERE’S TO AT LEAST A COUPLE MORE, EH?

To celebrate our second year in operation, have a new chapter of The Sleepy Residents of Birdcage Manor! Hands down the best shoujo title we’ve got going for us, (not saying much given the selection), though admittedly a strange move for an anniversary project, given our Slayers flagship status. Unfortunately there was a slight scheduling hiccup with our first choice, Falces, which we know you’re all dying to catch up with, that set us a little behind, but meh, it’ll be up in fairly short order. (I tentatively want to say next week.)

But enough of that, go download the newest chapter of Birdcage manor!

The Sleepy Residents of Birdcage Manor chapter 3: Street Brave Girl (III)

I’m starting to feel like a broken record, but we really are in need of donations, so anything you can spare, be it as little as a dollar, would be of tremendous assistance to us. Unfortunately, my financial standing has dropped somewhat as of late, and I’m finding it difficult to pay my own bills every month, let alone put enough money aside to purchase the manga volumes we scan in for our projects, which makes me feel terrible, but them’s the breaks. As it stands, unless we raise around $60, we simply will not be able to purchase any more books, including volume four of Datenroku or the next volume of Birdcage Manor.

Again, anything you can spare would greatly help us out, though all we can offer in return is the promise of more scanlations.


13 thoughts on “Happy 2nd Anniversary, Turtle Paradise! Have some Birdcage Manor to go with that cake.

  1. Haine says:

    Happy 2nd Anniversary! & Thanks truckloads for the new chapter of Birdcage Manor!
    I would very much like to help out but I’m still a student with no income. ><

  2. Rizzz says:

    Happy Anniversary / Happy 2nd Birthday to your group XDDD
    I’m really glad your group has been formed because you people scanlate quality (in both art and story) shoujo series (which is rare to find nowadays). Thank you very much for the wonderful releases you’ve given us this past year, may your group prosper in the years to come ^__^

  3. piimaster says:

    thanks for your submission of the birdcage manor manga :)
    its highly interesting and i would help you but unfortunately im only in year eleven with my japanese >.> so noob yea lol

  4. Cat says:

    AH I LOVE BIRDCAGE MANOR SO GOOD +_+ I’m sorry i was only able to donate 1 dollar but i’m rather broke myself atm. Good luck with funds <3

  5. neenuh says:

    I will try my best to donate when I can to this scanlation group! Im sorry that you are having financial problems right now. Through knowing this, thank you so, so much for taking the time to scanlate Birdcage for us fans, we appreciate it. Happy 2nd Anniversary <3

  6. Fuzzee says:

    Happy new year and Happy anniversary! I read several of your projects and I love them. Thank-you for all the time, work, and money you put into the the releases. I hope the readers who are able to donate will help you reach your donation goal.
    Best wishes to everyone.

  7. glmeadow says:

    Sorry I haven’t been able to donate until now — though I’m happy to have changed that finally!

    And of course, thank you for all the wonderful Slayers scanlations, and Barahime too. Happy anniversary!

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